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Facebook AdWords Trends for 2017

It is expected that Facebook 2017 will find more ways in which brands can reach the users they want to target. Monetized bots will be at the forefront of this revolution. Mark Zuckerberg has recently stated in a post that a product has not made any significant deals by the time it has one billion users. In the same post, he also said that Facebook would make no effort to monetize its bots until the social networking site had one billion users. Facebook Messenger hit the mark recently. Zuckerberg has stated that Messenger would follow a monetization process similar to that of Facebook itself.

Facebook did not plaster the page Show and banners. Instead, brands were asked to create content pages to promote an organic-like interaction. Once the idea is embedded, Facebook would reduce organic growth and change brands so that it can appear in the user's newsfeed. It is expected that the bots are very popular and therefore an important part of Facebook AdWords. In the initial phase, Facebook wants to ensure that many brands and users take over these bots.

Only then would the monetization be introduced. Facebook has also recently announced that it will allow various brands to buy newsfeed Show This allows them to target their bots to specific groups that are more likely to do business with them. All of this will be part of Facebook's great effort to promote its brand and user bots and increase their acceptance.

Monetized live videos

Digiday recently reported that Facebook Live is being monetized. The website also says that Facebook will place Show in the live stream. In fact, this has already begun Show be placed in videos that are expected to be popular with users. These Show will also run as a display Show as well as in the breaks of the live events covered by Facebook. However, Facebook's priorities are videos. According to the latest earnings report, 500 million people see videos worth 100 million hours every day. Facebook has been making a lot of effort lately to show live video and it just seems to be a matter of time before it starts to benefit from this company.

Action buttons for local business pages

Recently, Facebook has been using updated call-to-action buttons for local business pages. The basic idea is to make sure that customers have a better experience on their own Facebook page. This means that from now on you can order groceries from your local snack bar by visiting the Facebook page. Facebook believes that this would improve the quality of the user experience, considering that local businesses are known to have bad phone pages.

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