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Ready to give up marketing on Facebook?

Recent changes to the Facebook algorithm have led many entrepreneurs to use Facebook to turn their business into a tailspin. Basically, Facebook now prioritizes relevant content from friends and family members according to timelines.

The reason for the change was to a certain extent a reaction to the topic of "fake content" on the social media platform. Facebook now wants to promote "real content" from real people, not international propaganda agencies disguised as human beings.

This means that corporate posts are less visible and are particularly difficult for ordinary, honest companies that produce real content without trying to misinform or damage someone.

What does this mean for your company?

Good content is always shared

If you have a lot of commitment to your content, you have a higher chance of being in the new newsfeed. But even if this is not the case, those who really like what you do will usually visit your page to catch up on news and interact with your content.

Create a Facebook group

Your personal Facebook page is for socializing. Your Facebook group serves to make contacts and communicate with others who are interested in the topic or the market in which you do business. When people join a group you create and treat a topic they are interested in, they see you as a leader in the field. This means you can promote your business while in control of the process, something you can not do in another person's Facebook group, or successfully from your own personal profile page.

Use influencing factors

Influencers are people who have a significant fan base on Facebook over time. They often stick to a niche or topic and offer their thoughts, opinions and expertise. Interact with your content and you'll be more noticeable. When people click on your name, they can go to your account, like your page, and start receiving your posts in their data feeds.

Offer a variety of content

Do not limit your marketing on Facebook to any type of content, such as text only. Include things like memes, video, live video, short content, long content, infographics and so on. Videos should be short, sharp, informative and entertaining. Do not forget to ask for comments and approvals.

It's not the first time that Facebook makes any significant changes, and at least they've been briefing people on this occasion. It's all about being more innovative and thorough, and watching how things develop in the future.

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