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Social Media Marketing: Increase traffic with Facebook videos

In 2014, Social Media Examiner, the world's largest social media online magazine, predicted that videos would become the content platform of choice. In addition, video segments such as podcasts would assert themselves as a separate form of content and promote social engagement as a primary means of achieving a company's online marketing goals.

Venture Beat News reports that the battle for supremacy in video marketing is taking place between YouTube and Facebook. It is expected that these online giants qualify for supremacy. Although YouTube is currently the title, the statistics suggest that Facebook is a worthy competitor and will pose a serious challenge in the years to come.

YouTube may have more views on all devices, but Facebook has a higher number of video views from the desktop, according to comScore. By September 2014, Facebook had an estimated one billion video views per day. It seems that despite YouTube's near-limitless potential for traffic sources, current trends still speak for Facebook.

This is probably due to a very simple factor – content discovery. Typically, users go to YouTube to watch videos (except to upload their own personalized videos). On the other hand, Facebook curates videos for users and displays them in news feeds based on the algorithm you might want to see. Many users now see Facebook as a suitable video source.

Tech Crunch news reports show that this was a deliberate move from Facebook to gain a competitive advantage. Reviewing video analytics allows users to view videos according to their preferences and interests. What does this mean for the social media marketing strategies of companies?

It may be time to look at ways to include Facebook videos in your online marketing activities. Of course, this does not mean abandoning YouTube. However, if you try to keep up with future trends and predictions, your social media marketing campaigns on Facebook could attract as much traffic as your social media marketing on YouTube.

Make sure your Facebook videos are fully optimized for online marketing. For example, if you provide users with high-quality, inspiring video content to enlighten and entertain, you'll improve the chances that viewers will respond more positively to your call to action.

This transition may well be far beyond your level of social media knowledge. Therefore, it is always advisable to leave it to the experts. Trust your company & # 39; Social media with trusted local online marketing companies can provide you with a more professional approach that can maximize your online presence and possibly expand your customer base.

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