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Top reasons why Facebook is so popular

If you've been on the Internet for a while, you've probably heard of one of the most popular social networking sites called Facebook. To date, Facebook has over 64 million active subscribers worldwide – excluding the subscribers who signed up this year. Most likely you, as one of them or some of your friends, have convinced you to join this social network.

Why are websites like Facebook so popular? Why does Facebook like selling hot potatoes to internet enthusiasts? Here are four reasons why.

Upload an unlimited number of photos , Facebook is the most popular site for uploading photos. In fact, more than 14 million photos are uploaded daily. Not only can users upload an unlimited number of photos, they can also add tags and add comments to their friends. & # 39; Photos. Marking lets you know when your friends or contacts are taking a picture of you in their album. In addition, you can embed and upload your videos via Facebook Mobile over the Internet or via your mobile phone. Sharing memorabilia has never been so easy and entertaining.

Be up to date. Want to know what your friends are doing without instant messaging software like Yahoo! Messenger or MSN? Facebook's STATUS feature lets you see what your friends are doing without asking them – which definitely saves a lot of time and effort. This also works the other way around as Facebook users can keep their friends up to date with their current activities.

Unsatisfied? You can also tell your friends if there are upcoming events in your community, such as parties, conferences, or social gatherings. You can enter all details and send bulk invitations. In addition, your friends can tell you whether they are attending or not. Is your party just for girls? Do not worry, you can also choose who you want to invite via the event feature of Facebook.

Interact with friends about games and other applications. Facebook has changed the way people use applications for social networking sites. Applications like games and tests (poker, quizzes, test to get to know, "What's your birthday?", "Are you normal?", Etc.) are used to promote more social interaction through the Internet. You do not have to meet in person to play poker.

You can also join various groups and causes such as anti-war or "Stop Global Warming". If you join these reasons, you can contribute in any way, such as online support or money.

Send presents! What can make you smile on a bad day? – a gift! With the Facebook gift feature, you can choose from hundreds of icons from the virtual Facebook gift shop and send a message to your friends. You can send flowers, shoes or even bones to your friend's virtual pet. If it's a more personal gift, you can give it away privately so others will not know it. You can get out of the free gifts section or if you have money left, you can get virtual gifts for $ 1.00.

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