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Why marketers should continue to advertise on Facebook in the Cambridge Analytica edition

It's critical for any business to keep up with your brand marketing, especially if you're paying for tools that help you achieve your goals. One of the most sophisticated advertising channels on the Internet is Facebook. Now millions of small to medium sized businesses and large companies are creating marketing experts Facebook advertising campaigns for their brands.

There are numerous studies on developing effective advertising strategies on Facebook, blogs on Facebook's available advertising tools, and tips on how to get a high return on investment from each ad. Given the options available and the large number of users, it is no wonder that Facebook advertising is today considered one of the most successful advertising tools in the world of digital marketing.

In 2018, Facebook was again in a strained situation. Following the events involving British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which affected 87 million Facebook users, people are now working to maximize opportunities to boycott Facebook and protect users. Privacy (some will try to do so without deleting their accounts) or turn off the app completely.

There are reasons why this scandal for advertisers on Facebook can lead to chaos, especially considering that advertisers use users. Data to improve targeting. In the face of growing problems, Facebook has taken action to improve privacy, starting with the removal of the Managed Custom Audiences program.

Of course, this and an apology from Mark Zuckerberg are not enough to fix users. The relationship with the social media giants and the risks for advertisers are higher than ever. But now, more than ever, marketers should stay on the platform, even if this seems crazy, and here's why.

1. Facebook is still the largest social media advertising platform

There are arguments to suggest that Facebook will become a paid experience like Netflix and Amazon, but Zuckerberg is very much against it. He claims that there are people in some parts of the world who are unable to pay for such an experience, and this would destroy Facebook's purpose of "helping humanity."

We already get Facebook for free (and it seems like it's going to change soon), and as mentioned above, the reason why advertising thrives on the platform is the big reach.

2. Facebook helps to generate traffic for your website

Ms Alexander Lucie-Smith of the Catholic Herald wrote that while he agrees to the Facebook delete call, he remains on the network as it supports the promotion of his articles and his community website.

When it comes to generating leads, it's helpful to have tools that everyone uses (so-called social media networks) to market your website and its business. With Facebook advertising, you get more leads, especially with the right campaigning strategies.

3. Advertising on Facebook is measurable

As a marketer, everything you need to know about your campaign is within your reach (no pun intended). You can track everything from impressions, conversions to the number of clicks and previews.

When it comes to marketing, it's critical that you measure and track your growth to continually develop better strategies. Therefore, this feature is very helpful in evaluating campaign progress.

4. Advertising on Facebook encourages users to get involved

Engagements include likes, shares, and interactions. Since its launch in 2004 and again this year, Facebook has been controversial only in 2018, but continues to grow. And no matter what you do, users love the platform and spend 40 minutes of their day on Facebook.

Then it's undeniable that Facebook offers you more chances that your ads will get the attention you need from your target audience every day within those 40 minutes.

Facebook has a long way to go this year to dispel controversy. However, the status of marketing on Facebook does not seem to be affected.

Facebook's advanced tools give advertisers better chances of achieving conversions and efficient results at a lower cost. If you're thinking about designing your next Facebook ad campaign, you're welcome to contact a Facebook ad company to help.

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