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10 ways to increase Facebook engagement and improve awareness of news feeds

The latest Facebook update has changed the rules of the social media game once again.

Companies that used to rely on the presence of their business page followers' news feeds are having a hard time reporting their page postings. This is because Facebook now determines how many followers see the post in their newsfeed, based on the company's engagement.

As a result, this change in the algorithm forces entrepreneurs and business owners to seek creative ways to increase engagement and improve the distribution of newsfeeds.

Have you noticed a decline in your views and reach on your Facebook corporate page? Are you looking for ways to get people to engage more with your posts?

If so, it's time to make your posts more strategic and always post with the intention of collecting likes, shares and above all comments for each post.

Here are ten strategies for increasing your Facebook engagement:

  1. Follow-up to a popular post
    Check your Facebook stats in the Insights section and look for posts that have been heavily engaged in the past. Write down the topic of this post and create a new follow-up post on the same topic.
  2. Power up with pictures
    Posting a picture that attracts the attention of your successor works. Always think about how to tell a visual story with your post. Use your phone's camera to quickly and easily take and share photos. Always think about how to visually share what you are doing with your audience, and ask important questions to create a discussion thread.
  3. Timing is everything
    Posting a juicy post at a time when nobody is online is worthless. Make the most of your posts by viewing your Facebook Insights statistics to see when your audience is online. Many users are most active in the evening after work, but not always. Your insights tell you when the best time to post is. Your goal is to post if you have the most eyeballs for the spectators.
  4. Connect via Facebook Live
    Video gives fans an incredible feeling of connection with you. Create a consistent schedule and do regular Facebook live shows. Shoot weekly tips. Offer live Q & A sessions. Live "how to" segments. Or share spontaneous videos of your trips and events you attend.
  5. Create content that resonates
    It's important that you create posts that reach and appeal to your ideal target market. Pay attention to the questions your audience asks. Follow the best influencers to get their insights about your area of ​​expertise. Research topics in the best-selling books in your industry at Amazon. Ask your audience which of the biggest questions and challenges they have about your topic. A great tool is Buzzsumo. Find keywords that are relevant to your industry and display the most frequently shared content for that phrase / keyword on social media.
  6. Create anticipation
    Give your audience a taste of exciting things you'll be releasing in the future. Help develop hunger and curiosity for your posts. Are you ready to start your new website, book or program? Build up some anticipation that leads to the great revelation.
  7. Keep the conversation going
    Monitor the answers to your posts closely and do everything to continue the conversation. Offer personal answers that show that you are listening and responding. Ask questions to deepen the discussion.
  8. Be authentic
    When you really open up to your audience, they feel closer to you. Be vulnerable. Show your warts. Admit your mistakes. Celebrate with them. Let your tribe feel like an important part of your family in everything you experience.
  9. Please for engagement
    Questions spark the dialogue. Ask a question that asks your audience for an answer. What do you think about BLANK? What experiences have you had? What is your opinion? What is your favorite BLANK? What do you think about it? People love to share their feelings when asked. Find creative ways to ask key questions that require more than a "yes" or "no" response, but not too deep to prevent a response at all.
  10. Create content worth listening to
    When you study memes and valuable posts, they all have a common theme: they are either funny, informative, cute, powerful, thought-provoking, or emotional, to which your audience refers. Dare to think outside the box and create your own memes. Watch popular memes and see how you can handle it yourself. You never know when your post will become a winner who becomes viral or "breaks the internet".

Try out these 10 strategies and see how your fan engagement on Facebook increases! What tactics helped you increase engagement on Facebook?

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