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3 steps for beginners to build your business on Instagram using sponsored posts

Why Instagram-sponsored posts are the best way to reach new users looking for companies like yours!

Generating Instagram leads is not easy and requires planning, strategy, creativity and repetition.

While traditional ways to build your business on Instagram are magical, they do not reach nearly as many users as solidly sponsored posts.

When Facebook started, the organic reach was easy. Given the low level of competition and the emerging technologies that were looking for more and more users, it was actually quite easy to post on Facebook. Properly configured, you can reach new users who are unfamiliar with your business.

Once the user base was large enough, the organic reach was throttled and eventually it was almost compulsory to pay to boost a post to reach new users.

Instagram is not yet a pay-to-play model, but that does not mean it has no serious value sending a post to new users (called "promoting" on Instagram).

Which is right for your business: Pinterest or Instagram? Find it out here: Pinterest or Instagram. Which one is best for building your online business?

So what's the point of applying for a post and how can you do it right to get the right people for your business? Here are 3 strategies you must follow:

1. Create a business profile

The first step is to turn your profile into a business profile.

Just tap the sun icon (iOS) or three dots (Android), depending on the device.

Now tap on "switch to business profile". You must make sure that your account is also public.

Enter the required information and tap Done. As simple as that!

* Note * If you have not already done so, it's important to be added to the associated Facebook page as an administrator

2. Strategize

Strategy is the key to optimally promoting contributions. It's worth keeping the job you advertise ready for before you start.

The reason is that not only can you choose what you publish and who you promote it to, but also where you see it.

Instagram displays your posts in both the stories and the feed sections of the user account. If you choose not to show your post in stories, you'll need to use Facebook's Ad Manager.

Both are viable options, but the Manager interface offers much more options than Instagram offers. So if you have administrator rights to the associated Facebook account and it's already connected, it's best to use the more robust system.

If you need help with this, please contact one of our social media experts.

Now think about the end user and how he will see your contribution. If you've already defined your ideal customer, you should be able to see competing brands. Browse the most popular ones and see what has gone better for them.

This can give you a real insight on what will be more effective for your own posts.

Once you've decided on your creative and know who it's designed for, it's time to promote it.

3. After graduation

Depending on whether you advertise on Instagram or via the Facebook Ads Manager, you have many options here.

Publish your creative first. By the way, if you have not read our guide to building your business on Instagram, you should do so. This will ensure that your contribution is optimized for performance before you even start paying.

Now go back to your post and look at the bottom right where "advertise" is. Just tap.

Once you click on it, you will see various options that allow you to choose who you want to reach, how long you're going to run your advertised posts, and how much you're willing to pay for them.

The options for the people you can reach may be limited. Therefore, make a note of who you wanted to reach with the post, and next time test different parameters to see if they are more effective.

It's never been as easy as typing what you want and typing. Look for related interests that your ideal client will have, or general categories to fall into.

If you're promoting Facebook ads, you'll need to sign in to your Facebook profile associated with the company and select "Ad Manager."

To do this, you must navigate to the ad level.

The Ad Manager process is much more complicated, but offers many more options. You select the creative by clicking "Use existing post." You can then select the associated Instagram account and select your post there.

Your options for targeting are much better here.

This method is an advanced exercise. If you are unfamiliar with social media or do not find the interface intuitive enough, call us. This process should not take long. So if you have problems, we have to do the heavy lifting for you.

If you have managed to get used to the settings and set them up properly, just choose budget and duration and you're done.

We understand the complexity that comes with making everything right. If you are planning to do this yourself, it is advisable to try this with a trial contribution and a small budget.

Instagram has over 10 million active monthly users and continues to grow. The UI can change without warning, and it's constantly refined to get even better coverage for posted posts.

Think of it as if you were setting up a conventional ad.

With an ad in a magazine, your creative may be seen by thousands of people, and this is the same as your IG profile. This is the external representation of your business. Treat this part of the business like any aspect of your business: like a specialist.

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