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5 Tips for Successful Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a whiteboard-style social sharing site where people can pin photos, graphics, infographics, and videos. Although many people originally viewed Pinterest as a place to share images that reflected their personal hobbies and interests, the impact on Pintest's advertising impact can not be ignored.

In fact, public relations, SEO & marketing, graphics and venture capitalism are among the top 10 interests of Pinterest users.

Started just 4 years ago (December 2009) Pinterest already has over 70 million users, 72% of whom are women who like to spend money and have the money. Pinterest has made its way between Facebook (20% of Facebook users are daily on Pinterest) and Twitter, and is now considered the best source of social media referrals for corporate websites.

Pinterest delivers more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+. And visitors who come to sites from Pinterest spend on average 10% more money than visitors coming from other social media sites.

Only a handful of well-known influencers from Pinterests are the top-selling retailers and magazines – the majority are bloggers, individuals and small businesses. It's time to take this page very seriously.

So how do you set up a streamlined business account, attract followers, and drive traffic to your sites through pinning? Here are 5 tips for getting started:

Tip # 1: Open a Pinterest Business Account – It's free – make sure you optimize it by using your company name and keywords on your Pinterest home page. When you start your corporate page, you will be asked to create a username. This is your first opportunity to brand your business on Pinterest.

You do not need to use your company name if using a focus keyword or keyword phrase is more appropriate for your marketing purposes. I decided to use "The Online Video Marketer" instead of my company name because it was more important to me to optimize for keywords than to mark my company name. This also follows the nomenclature I use for my other social media profiles and helps me to be found when people are looking for online video marketing.

Tip 2: Create targeted pin boards – Remember, target market and various aspects of your brand, do not be afraid to add personal interests. Your prospects and customers buy from YOU, not from your brand.

You will rather attract followers if you mistake it. I have several forums where I attach pictures, graphics, and videos that are funny and interesting, and give my followers more community feeling by following me.

Tip 3: Make your website pinnable – Make sure you have enough pics AND VIDEOS to pin on your website, even for you and others. Add a "pin-it" button to your website to make it easy for visitors to attach to their boards – and increase your viral reach.

Tip 4: Link your photos and videos back to your website, After you upload a picture or video to your forum, reopen it and place your website or website URL where you want to increase traffic. This is an important step in getting Pinterest visitors to your website.

Once you do this, each time one of your pins is "liked" or re-pinned, you're more likely to get a recommendation for your website.

Tip 5: Spend time with other people's boards – It's like any other social media site – you have to pay to play. In other words, if you want others to use and pin your pens, you need to spend some time doing the same.

As with all online marketing activities, you should review your analytics to ensure that your efforts lead to results. That way, you can keep track of how many people visited your site and how many people viewed your pins. Make adjustments based on your results.

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