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Advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest has now followed the paths of a few other social networking sites and has added advertising. Pinterest now has "promoted pins". This is similar to sponsored posts on Facebook and sponsored tweets on Twitter. This feature is only available on Pinterest Business pages. Businesses have the option of showing their pins at the top of search results and category feeds for a fee. The raised pens look just like the regular pens except they have a "tiered" label. They also have a little gray symbol. Click on the icon to learn more about the PIN and why the PIN was displayed.

Although Pinterest now allows advertising, they are cautious. No flashy banners or pop-up ads are allowed. All displayed pins should be relevant. For example, if you're looking for scuba diving, you might see up-level pins related to diving. You may see a featured pin for a dive trip, a diving suit, etc. You will always know if you see a featured pin and why you see it.

The addition of advertising and advertised posts is a plus for retailers. Retailers can use these promoted pins to drive traffic to their websites. For example, if someone is looking for shoes, a shoe retailer now has the opportunity to display the pens they advertise for their shoes. Edison Research has found that 27% of Pinterest users are already shopping based on a pin they see.

As a business owner, you want to find out what images relate to your business that can be successfully promoted on Pinterest. This can be done through Pinterest Analytics. Please note that these types of analyzes are only available through a Pinterest business account. The analysis can show you which pins get the most repins, who holds them, and what other things are held together with those pins. Use this information to determine which pins you want to advertise.

At this point, advertisements advertised by Pinterest are still in the "test" phase. You show ads from companies that have been selected. However, they will not be charged at this time. You must now create a Pinterest business account so that you are ready when the ad opens.

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