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Be socially social

Today's distance to the digital world can have a negative impact on social, economic and even professional well-being. In today's world, where all leads to different social media platforms, be it a job offer, a recipe for dinner, or a quick guide to fixing a problem in a device, the Internet is the ultimate hub that hosts all the information ,

How can you keep up with the social media platforms that have changed the way employers look for potential employees, consumers decide which products to buy, and everyday budget decisions are based on popularity met different actions.

The answer is pretty simple. Consider the purpose of every social media platform. For example:


Facebook is the most popular social media platform for all types of audiences. Facebook is the most visited website, where countless content and hundreds of pictures are shared daily.

This social medium is suitable for everyone and a platform where everyday activities are shared. By sharing information about your achievements or activities, your friends can share your joys.


Twitter allows tweeting and retweeting short messages, as well as tracking celebrities and other friends and personalities of interest. A profile on Twitter means keeping up to date on the latest events. Although pictures can be shared via Twitter, it is not possible to share albums like Facebook on this platform.


LinkedIn is a professional network for people (young or old) in the job market. Individual profiles have training and work experience categorized into industries.

This platform provides professionals and employers with a point of contact where professionals can view their curriculum vitae. Employers have access to a pool of potential candidates.

The profile on LinkedIn is very similar to the platform, professional. With the qualifications, skills and work experience listed in the profile, this is an electronic CV for individuals.


Pinterest is a pictorial social media platform where people take most of the pictures they have taken, avoiding the ext. This sharing platform is especially useful for travelers, photographers, companies marketing their products, creative artists and social workers. The pictures that say a thousand words are uploaded daily to Pinterest.

The above list is not exhaustive, and each of these social media platforms offers many more tabs and options.

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