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Blogging Syndication and Pinterest Marketing revealed

Businesses and individuals are excited about the open playing field that blogging and Pinterest provide. Social media marketing trends suggest that this is an important way to generate traffic for large and small businesses.

Why not market here? This social media giant is more established in the eyes of major search engines. If you run a blog; Read on to find out why you should consider promoting your business with this pinning phenomenon.

Why Market on Pinterest?

Not only is this social network growing daily, its membership has exploded to 20 million users. This achievement allows them to conquer one of the top three social networking sites in the world. Users spend an average of 15 minutes a day surfing. Photo credits: copyblogger[dot]com

Is Pinterest good for marketing?

What does that mean for you? Well, pinterest is an online bulletin board where people and businesses can pin photos, videos, blog posts, contests, infographics, and more! This is worth gold if you do not have a $ 1 million marketing budget.

With Pinterest, you can leverage its popularity to direct referral traffic directly to your website, blog, YouTube channel or e-zine.

Why are you pinning on Pinterest?

Do not be fooled by the silly task of pinning photos and videos. A picture is worth a million words, and videos usually last forever. In 2012 alone, Pinterest received more traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, and YouTube – combined!

Recently, I've seen industry leaders generate all their wealth through business models and systems. Master this marketing beast known as Pinterest. So I decided to take a closer look. First, because of popularity, here are 3 reasons why you need to syndicate your blog with Pinterest.

3 reasons why smart marketers love Pinterest

  • High Page Rank and Domain Authority (SEO Nerds)
  • ZERO stress logon process, minimal advertising restrictions
  • Pinners buy more than any other digital channel (including FB)

Do you think that being stuck with bloggers is crucial?

The niche blogging is huge. In fact, it's a super niche! Bloggers rely heavily on generating traffic for content. Then monetize this traffic with services, products, or both. Organic search traffic is their primary source of traffic when they do not know how powerful social media can be.

Most bloggers have a basic understanding of how SEO works. On page, offpage and the importance of backlinks. With new Google updates like Panda and Hummingbird; What was taught in the SEO world a year ago is completely outdated.

Let me tell you my story. I lost 90% of my total traffic before the last update from Google. Which came mainly from the Google search. When my traffic disappeared, my income dropped immediately!

My income has dropped because I depend on traffic like any other company. Once I monetize this traffic, I use little-known psychology to convert my traffic into leads or potential customers.

Next up is a bunch of automated up-sells. So I had to adapt, because the traffic disappeared. That's why I started marketing my business on Pinterest and other social bookmarking networks to act as an Tier 1 site. I will explain more about levels later to create secure Google backlinks without penalties.

Right now, I want you to understand that Pinterest is golden in the eyes of Google. Would you like my formula for instant rankings in the search engines?

Of course you do that! Get something to write: After you publish new content on your personal blog, in EzineArticles, or on another website that brings you the money. Incidentally, this is referred to by SEO freaks as (Money Site).

How to Use Pinterest for Business Marketing Vol 1:

Power Pinning For NON-SEO freaks!

Once you publish your article, you will use it Syndicate social media and start building backlinks. This social media layer will be your first-level website. It serves as a buffer site for building links. If I do not have the best social networks in my author account. Google it!

Semi-automatic marketing tools and software

Take these top sites and register complete profiles with your biography and your image. Do not forget Pinterest, After you have published your blog post. Use a simple software like onlywire or hootsuite to start at the same time. You can also go to Fiverr[dot]com, and browse social bookmarks to find someone who does this for $ 5.

Now you know how to create a backlink profile with social media. Wait for me to tell you what you can do on the 2nd and 3rd level links to boost your blog posts!

Pinterest Marketing Without backlink know-how alone, you can gain more traffic and sales based on the market research I've done with Quancast[dot]com. This site provides demographic information that is critical to targeted marketing.

Finally, Pinterest Marketing is more complex and powerful than you know. Add me to EzineArticles to be the first to know when I'll release the 2nd volume of how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool!

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