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Facebook – A perfect place for marketers

You all know that you can generate free traffic from Facebook, and this is just one of many marketing opportunities offered by this social network. Some other options include groups, pages, ads, and hashtags that are much better. Before you use them, however, you should understand why Facebook is important …

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How Facebook helps to communicate your business goals

Social media today plays an important role in marketing your business. Facebook occupies first place in social media marketing with over half a billion users. Facebook remains the most requested platform due to its immense reach and targeting options. Facebook can help you reach the customers that matter most to …

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Fake Accounts in Facebook – How to Face It

Facebook is the world's most popular social networking site and is responsible for making the World Wide Web experience almost a communication revolution. The Facebook usage is really huge in the world today and has reached a level where the user base is estimated to cover 37% of the world's …

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Free use of Facebook as a marketing tool

I've heard various and contradictory reports about the effectiveness of paid ads on Facebook. However, as I have barely used them, I can vouch for them neither in terms of cost efficiency nor in terms of the results they achieve. However, what I can offer from experience is a strategy …

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How Facebook groups can give your business a boost

If you do not understand Facebook groups and do not know how they can help you build your business, it can hurt your business. In this article, I'll talk to you about how Facebook groups can boost your business. If you ask someone to add them to a Facebook group …

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