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Facebook prefers local news and helps your charity

This year, Facebook was not particularly friendly. The news about Cambridge Analytica and Mark Zuckerberg were asked to testify before the congress. Zuckerberg and his team used this again as an opportunity to change the Facebook algorithms, and this can still be a good sign for your charitable organization if …

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Facebook Ads: The future of advertising

The introduction of social networks has fundamentally changed the structure of Internet and online interactions. Billions of people use social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to keep in touch with their friends and followers every day. Because of the huge number of daily page views that these networks generate, …

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Benefits of creating a Facebook group

Creating your own Facebook group offers many benefits. An advantage that starts immediately, but takes time to recognize the rewards, is that the more you interact on Facebook, the better you can interact with your group. These people come to your Facebook group to learn from you and share what …

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How I earned $ 1.4 million with AdSense & Facebook

Many people think that arbitrage is no longer relevant … but they are wrong. I'll show you how I made over $ 1.4 million in arbitrage with Facebook and Google AdSense. There are a few small factors that people forget when trying to succeed with arbitrage. In this article, I'll …

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Facebook Small Business Marketing – How to Get More Traction

We all understand that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in Australia. Recently, however, some of our clients have expressed their frustration with their "Facebook business pages". The main disappointment is that their business side does not seem to drive traffic and generate leads and there …

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