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Do not do this on Facebook groups

Most nonprofit organizations know that Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world, and they are keen to spend even a little time posting on a Facebook page. But one thing would set many charitable organizations apart:

A Facebook group!

Although a Facebook page is great, it's usually about your work and organization. People know that. If you want to engage your supporters and the public in a way that sets them apart from other nonprofits, setting up a Facebook group is a great option.

What is the most important thing? Notto do when you create a Facebook group?

The answer is that you should not make your group about you. If you do, this is the fastest way to get people following you to change their minds and undo your group. In a group, as in the non-digital world, it's about community, and in a group, you can talk to your followers.

What are some examples of great nonprofit Facebook groups?

Happy Hour for Nonprofits is a great group because it gives nonprofits the opportunity to share their best ideas and tips (and things that did not work out so well).

It's all about charitable organizations on Facebook … you guessed … how nonprofits can use the power of Facebook to spread their message.

Nonprofit social media storytelling is a group that helps organizations effectively tell their stories to the public.

There are many other groups that you can discover on Facebook that help nonprofits, and many charities that use Facebook groups to communicate to them and their followers about relevant topics and topics.

What is the best strategy for creating a group on Facebook?

Look at your mission. Choose the key topics that relate to your purpose and give your supporters an insight into the changes or advances in your industry. Talk about the topic and share lots of relevant third-party content to educate and inform your followers. Remember, your supporters are interested in your work because of your programs, but also in the issues that are related to your mission.

What else can I do to make sure my Facebook group is doing well?

One of the first places to learn how to stand out on Facebook, even in groups, is to visit the Facebook Nonprofit Resource Center.

Another great resource is the Facebook Blueprint, which is their educational platform and will help you learn other tips and tricks to increase your Facebook audience, including groups, in a variety of ways.

Finally, remember that a group promotes the community, whereas a page is usually just the nonprofit organization. So if you're developing a Facebook group, treat it like any community activity you do. Keep it entertaining, informative, engaging and remember to publish great content both from third parties and yourself.

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