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Does Google AdWords work better than Facebook ads?

Google and Facebook reach millions of users and offer small businesses the opportunity to reach new customers through targeted advertising. With an advertising campaign, you can reach thousands or even millions, depending on who you address and how much you want to spend.

But are there times when Google is the better choice for an ad campaign than Facebook? The two platforms work slightly differently, so let's compare the two and explain why you might choose one over the other.

Understanding Google AdWords

Google advertising works by bidding on keywords. You choose specific keywords to focus on based on your audience. If a user searches for this term, your ad will be displayed. The key to a successful campaign is to understand which words or phrases your customers are likely to use in the search.

The second part of a successful Google campaign is to make sure that the copy you use on your landing page matches the exact language your customers use. This results in a higher conversion rate when potential customers click on your ad. Also, avoiding AdWord errors can have a positive effect on the performance of your campaign.

Understanding Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an excellent way to strengthen your brand by promoting people who meet certain criteria. Facebook offers a sophisticated platform that allows you to engage people based on geography, demographics, interests, and connections, such as the groups they belong to. Facebook video ads are becoming increasingly popular and could ultimately challenge YouTube for the enormous online video marketing budget.

The benefit of Facebook advertising is that you can reach people who are not necessarily looking for what you offer, and may not even be aware of the product or service you sell. This is a completely different approach than Google, where you only reach people looking for your keywords.

Choice between Google and Facebook

While Facebook ad campaigns are generally a bit cheaper than Google AdWords campaigns, it's important to look at their relative success rates. Advertisement for certain keywords via Google usually has a higher conversion rate, because the customers you reach already think about the purchase decision for the searched article.

With a Facebook campaign, you can expand your reach at a lower cost, but you may not win so much new click-through business. As mentioned earlier, a Facebook campaign speaks for itself and spreads your message to new customers so you can make them aware of your brand.

Ideally, your business should use both resources. One approach is to divide your online marketing budget into two platforms, or you want to balance spending on a platform based on your current goals.

Do you have a new product to promote? In that case, it makes sense to invest in Facebook ads that are targeted to your audience. However, if you have an established product and ROI is your primary concern, you probably want to invest more of your spend on Google AdWords.

Both platforms provide great analytics capabilities that help you monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. The best approach is to experiment with both types of advertising and see how you get the best results.

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