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Dual Nature – Use your Facebook profile to sell your property

Some people find it most convenient to create a new Facebook profile for selling their real estate. However, if you already have friends and relatives who are also contacts, you may want to use only the profile they are already friends with. In any case, setting up a Facebook profile to promote your real estate business is easy but requires a lot of thought.

Unfortunately, Facebook is not ready to automatically mark certain posts or applications as not shared. If you have your bulletin board open to the public or your newsfeed, you may want to make sure that everything you post is customer friendly. This may mean that you and your friends are being censored. & # 39; Posts to your Facebook profile.

By setting the privacy policy in your Facebook account, you can set up this account twice for both customers and friends. Depending on the nature of your contacts, you may want to set certain areas as "just specific friends" and similarly limit who can contact you in a specific way.

Deciding whether or not to open your entire profile for the world depends on how accessible you want to be. You can always request a friend as a friend or give him your Facebook contact information to request you. However, if you want people to access your real estate information on Facebook, it may be a good business idea to make certain important sections of your profile public with care.

You should probably share your basic information with a select group of friends. Your clients do not need preconceived notions about you, based on what they can read about your sexual preferences, your religion or your political views. Unless you intend to sell real estate only to people of a particular religion, finding that you are an avid follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster may cause people to pass you by, even if you are not actively promoting them.

Your profile pictures are easy to open, but make sure they are professional and easy. Do not post pictures of your family, your dog or your ticks farm. Your customers want to see a clear picture of you so they can recognize you. It's okay to have one or two photos of your family in another album (some people would like to have a sense of attachment to their broker), but do not overdo it.

Applications are difficult. Consider adding too many frivolous ones. If you absolutely have to have some, place them at the bottom of your Facebook page, where only the specific ones go. And whatever you do, do not use them to connect with customers. It's generally not a good way to make a professional impression when you attack someone with your zombie. Applications can also work for you if you install some good real estate applications. So take some time to review them.

Your wall can best be hidden. Many spammers use the wall to place advertising or phishing scams. When your friends use your whiteboard, it does not look professional when they say things like "UR so hawt! See you soon, sweetheart!" Publish. Use at your own discretion. Keep in mind that clients can always use the message feature to send private messages to your inbox.

Keep track of your photo albums and keep your personal in selected friend lists. The real estate albums of course you want to keep accessible to the public. Make sure each photo is properly marked and provided with information. A link to listing your actual website is good. However, if you add as much information as possible, you can make a photo a better tool to get people into your site.

The search function can be changed to show as much or as little information as you like. Because you use this profile as a business tool, you probably want other people to contact you. Set search visibility to Everyone, create a public search list, and allow people to find information about you and send you messages.

Your newsfeed and mini-feed should be kept open. Every time you change something in your profile, it is recorded and is a great way to let people know what you are doing with your property without bothering them with direct messages. This can be changed to show people specific actions and hide certain actions. Play with Facebook's privacy features to find the best combination. Here you can hide updates of personal information that customers do not need to see.

Use the Privacy applications section to restrict the view of items that you do not want others to see. It's up to you to decide whether you'll benefit, which groups you belong to, or what events you've been invited to.

View your Facebook profile from a customer's point of view. Block anything that might leave you with a negative impression, but leave enough time for you to get a clear idea of ​​what your approach to your business is. Facebook is an incredibly fast-growing social networking site, enhanced by its user-friendly, professional-looking layout. It can definitely be a valuable tool to improve a professional image.

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