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Facebook has a negative impact on the concentration of students

A recent study at a school in the UK has shown that Facebook has a very negative impact on the performance of students in the school. Why is?

The school has conducted research and testing to determine if social networks and Facebook, as the most popular among them, influence students' performance in some way. The tests were conducted in a way that denied access to Facebook for the first two months for a period of three months and granted access to Facebook for the third month. The results showed that a three-month sample was just enough to draw a conclusion. In the third month, during the period of Facebook usage, a slight worsening of grades was noted, but more importantly, lack of concentration and lack of acceptance of knowledge. To test the level of concentration and the quality of the lesson, a lesson was held last week that summarized what was learned in each subject. Students took part in this summary and it turned out that the results in the third month were much worse. This test has shown that Facebook and other social networks have the most negative impact on educational quality.

The problem does not only occur if the students were actually logged into Facebook and did not pay attention to what the teacher says. The problem is that "current events" on Facebook also distract them in the time they are unrelated to them. Social networks are used by teenagers to call the meeting with a person to declare love, and so on, which is much easier in terms of socialization than in the real world! If you wait for an answer in such situations, you must visit Facebook constantly.

All this and many other elements are the reasons why the test results showed that the use of social networks in school has a negative impact on grades, supervision of lessons and concentration of students. One more reason to block Facebook in schools.

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