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Facebook SEO Tips

When I think of Facebook for the first time, I do not think about SEO. Since I spend a lot of time on my personal profile page and updating friends and family, I do not always think about the performance behind the platform.

Facebook is undoubtedly an SEO powerhouse. Digital marketing influencers have long talked about Facebook's marketing power, but this goes beyond Facebook ads (which are powerful enough on their own).

Here are some short tips for getting started:

  1. Request Your Personal URL / Vanity URL – These URLs are heavily weighted in search engines. So take your time and think carefully about what you want. But be careful … it's hard to change once you've set it.
  2. Keep the name of your Facebook page simple, specific enough, but not too specific to restrict it (for example, if you're a marriage counselor, focus your name on love or relationships, so if you're later on other types of relationships / personal coaching, enter the name of your page is still relevant.
  3. Use keywords strategically in your sections about, mission, and company description (remember these sections can be reordered, so play with them while you're there!).
  4. Connecting everything together. Link your Facebook page to other existing channels (Twitter / Instagram / your website and your blog).
  5. Optimize status updates on your Facebook corporate page (your first 18 characters serve as a meta description, select them carefully as they serve as the SEO title for this update).

But how do I know which keywords to use?

Research is of the utmost importance so that you can identify the keywords you want to use. Keywords are used in your social media BIOS, title and content of posts, URLs – to use them in your description, you not only load the available text area with keywords, create a meaningful description, and also insert keywords. You have more than one way to use keywords. You also use them in blog posts and page updates.

How do I search for keywords?

You know your business best. To start brainstorming keywords:

  • What do you sell? Do a search, what other keywords do you see?
  • Industry publications, Amazon / eBay, other niche sites, online ads, niche forums – which words come up regularly?
  • And here's an amazing tip: take a look at what happens when you search Google in autocompletion. You can often see what you are looking for. Amazon has similar functionality. So look there too!

Stay tuned – we spend the whole month on Facebook! What are your most important Facebook questions or challenges for digital marketing? We want to hear from you!

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