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Facebook Small Business Marketing – How to Get More Traction

We all understand that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in Australia. Recently, however, some of our clients have expressed their frustration with their "Facebook business pages". The main disappointment is that their business side does not seem to drive traffic and generate leads and there is little engagement. Lots of time and energy, but not too many results.

Why are small businesses getting these results?

Let's take a closer look at why there may be a lack of engagement on Facebook corporate pages. Let's also explore how you can work smarter and use Facebook more effectively, and discuss some of the common pitfalls to avoid Facebook being used for small business marketing.

Understand how Facebook works

Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what people see in their newsfeed. It is a mathematical formula used by Facebook to determine what Facebook users should see. Facebook focuses on the posts that people like the most and deal with the most. If people like, share, or comment on a post on a particular Facebook page, Facebook feels that this information is more relevant to the person because they spend more time engaging in that content. As a result, more content from this page is put into the person's news feed.

Facebook marketing for small businesses

Facebook is a "social" media tool and therefore always prefers content posted by friends, relatives and social connections to business content. Business content typically does not get the same traction as personal content and often requires a "push" to make the content accessible to people. In general, business content is seen by very few people who liked your business page. Nowadays, you need to use paid Facebook advertising to reach your target audience.

Business content on Facebook

After all, like any other business, Facebook is a commercial entity and must make money and profits to satisfy stakeholders and investors. As many of you may have already noticed, Facebook knows it's worth it and understands that it can be an effective digital marketing tool that gives business owners access to a large global audience and potential customers! Facebook is also aware that entrepreneurs are prepared to pay for access to new customers and reaching new audiences, and has therefore entered this market.

Boosting Posts & Paid Actions

One way to get more people to see your posts or messages is to pay so you can increase your mail. Keep in mind that "organic reach", which is not paid, is very limited on Facebook today, especially for corporate websites. To reach your audience, you should consider improving your posts or making paid advertising campaigns or promotions to increase reach and engagement.

How can I get some traction without paying?

At the time of writing this article, there are a few ways that require more effort.

Facebook LIVE

Facebook "Live", a newer feature that Facebook has introduced, allows users to run live video streaming events. This is a fun and engaging way to reach your audience. However, you need to feel comfortable in front of a camera and be prepared to answer questions and comments, as there are also live interaction features that let you know what your customers care about. It is not for the faint-hearted, but it is better cut and has a greater range.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are different from business pages and seem to be able to achieve a more organic reach. Facebook groups are online forums where small groups can communicate and usually focus on a topic of interest. In addition, they should allow people with common interests to interact with each other and exchange knowledge, opinions and ideas. People can join groups that are often managed or moderated by one or more Facebook users. It can be a group focused on a common cause or activity such as mountain biking or photography, or it may even be to support others who are in a similar life stage or have similar circumstances as one Single parent or an autism parent network or a group specifically for small business owners.

With so many different options on Facebook, it's sometimes difficult to decide which option fits best or where to start.

Keep in mind…

Do not create a personal profile for your small business.

Some new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs create personal profiles for their companies and brands rather than creating a relevant Facebook corporate page or group. This is not ideal as it penalizes your business. That's because Facebook corporate pages provide you with a variety of content creation tools, paid advertising, and analytics that link to a Facebook corporate page and are not available to you when you set up a personal page.

Use calls to action

Once you've set up your corporate page, you can use a call to action to get visitors to engage more with your business or brand. Is Facebook a referral source, but do you ultimately want to drive traffic to your ecommerce store or website? What should you do when you get to your Facebook page? Action calls are buttons with text like Watch Video, Sign In, or Book Now. These buttons can be customized or contain a (URL) link to a ticket page or e-commerce site.

Use your resources

Get help or use online resources. If you're not sure where to start with Facebook, go online and visit the Facebook Help Center. There is plenty of information for advertisers as well as tips and helpful videos to watch. If you run a small business, have little time and just want to figure out how to improve your marketing reach or how to use Facebook more effectively, you should contact an agency that provides small business marketing services. Good luck with your marketing.

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