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Fake Accounts in Facebook – How to Face It

Facebook is the world's most popular social networking site and is responsible for making the World Wide Web experience almost a communication revolution.

The Facebook usage is really huge in the world today and has reached a level where the user base is estimated to cover 37% of the world's total population. Along with this huge user base, the number of fake users has risen to an unexpected 27% of total Facebook users. This means that if you receive 10 friend requests per day, then out of those 10, only 7 or 8 are real people and rest 2 or 3 fakes.

Like the virtual world, the Internet world is becoming ever more fraudulent. From phishing scams to hacking: Today's World Wide Web is only 65% ​​original. This in turn means that the balance of 35% is fraud. The same goes for popular social networking and microblogging sites like Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Some do it for fun, some for business reasons.

Here are some reasons why Facebook becomes a fake book:

1. Fun Book: The most common threat among adolescents is creating false accounts and deceiving their friends and colleagues for social reasons. This funny habit of deceiving others has led to fake account holders, sometimes even on behalf of a real person Facebook has never used in his life.

Second Business Book: Facebook danger is very brutal when we talk about the dangers to the business. Nothing worse can hinder the business than a fake view. And with the advent of these fake accounts on Facebook, every business must be smart to turn a Facebook lead into a potential customer. Most counterfeit business accounts are used by some companies to promote their products. Because it is more convenient for people to believe in a product or service when a person references or endorses it. If you look at one of the freelancing sites like Elance, GAF, or Guru, you can easily find a good number of projects that have been published to create mass Facebook accounts. It is indeed about fake accounts.

Third African book: They call each niche and you find it in Facebook. either in the form of groups or fan pages. And to increase the visibility of a group or fan page, using fake accounts is the best source.

With the growth of these fake accounts, the risk of losing ground on Facebook becomes very high for everyone. So there is an immense need for you to know about the precautions to take. Here are some of these precautions that I found useful:

1. Search for the address: Most fake Facebook users do not have a correct address on their info page. So look for this info page to clarify your doubts.

Second The profile picture: To baffle us all, most fake reports have pictures in their profiles. And they are only collected from dating sites and other image sources. Refer the image to the address or age specified by the user. Believe me, it will tell you a lot.

Third friends: If you see an account where the user's address is somewhere in Chula Vista, United States or London, United Kingdom, and you have no friends from that area, you need to be careful. This is just unusual in that a person does not have a friend from their own place.

Keeping these 6 points in mind while accepting a friend request from Facebook definitely saves you from the danger of a fake book.

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