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Here's why everyone should stop complaining about Facebook

For the eleventh time in the past week, the Internet has been crying out for the world's largest and most suspicious social media platform, Facebook. The turmoil this time is over with the ban on what the right-wing extremist platforms think of Alex Jones of Infowars, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. According to a company spokesperson, these people's accounts have been removed for content that violates Facebook's policies under the Terms of Use for Dangerous People and Organizations.

The irony is that Facebook had previously taken partial measures against Alex Jones and Infowars, but he managed to find a home on the Facebook sister platform Instagram, where he gained hundreds of thousands of followers within days, making the platform a fertile ground for his followers continued to engage his works. As the news of Facebook's recent upset became viral, users became angry and opposed the so-called censorship and outright violation of First Amendment Rights. Online indignation is more saturated with fear than personal values, and Facebook's policies and actions have diverge so much that people no longer feel comfortable.

While the band continued to play, the social media user choir sang the same old tune. "I will delete my account and this time I'm serious!"

But has anyone really meant it this time or is this just another idle threat?

Facebook has already gained a lot of control over how it handled the private information of at least 50 million users last year. Regulators and legislators quickly seized the opportunity to renew demands for more control, and while the scandal frightened many users about the risk of deleting their account. Many polls show that only 1 in 10 people have actually coped with it. I had a lot of complaints about the platform, especially about its algorithm and misinformation. And although the app is no longer on my smartphone, I'm still listed as an active user.

We must understand the following: Social media network platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are profit-driven private companies. Being a user is a privilege – not a right. We complain about the protection of freedom of expression on an Internet where thousands of other platforms exist in the same market. We ask the government to take control of the content of an organization that we use for selfish reasons when their help is not needed at all for this organization. Do not get me wrong, I'm not a fan of someone who can limit our speech or the suppression of freedom of speech. But I am also aware that I do not need to have an account on Facebook or any other social media platform and can delete it at any time. That's what the rest of the world can do.

The value of a social media network is based on its composition of people and not necessarily on the information that is published there. People are the network. We are the value. We have the power. There are literally thousands of destinations on the Internet where we can socialize and have conversations. There are a lot of social networks with great features that have no community. But for whatever reason, so many people are still opting for Facebook. One of the biggest things in the cyber world is that it has started a revolution in communication skills.

A society that claims to care so much for the protection of free expression must make a decision once and for all, so that the time has come to take control by finally leaving the most abusive husband of the worldwide web and becoming one new relationship with another platform. But if we do not, we should really stop complaining.

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