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How and why you can improve your relevance factor on Facebook

If your business is (and should be) on social media, it's important to know your Facebook relevancy factor and how to improve it.

The relevance score is a metric that shows on a scale of 1 to 10 how well your Facebook ads are reaching your target audience. A score of 1 means that your ad is less relevant than other ads that target the same audience, and 10 your ad is very relevant.

Your relevance score is very important, as a higher score lowers the cost of advertising on Facebook. You want to pay less and reach more people, right?

Are your ads getting a low relevancy score? If so, you need to improve it to save money and reach the right people.

How do you improve your score?

Know your target group well and address a specific target group.

Before you can reach out to the right people, you need to know who your ads should reach. Find your target audience or create buyers. This will provide you with the demographic information, problems, vulnerabilities, and customer feedback of the people you want to address.

Use Facebooks Insights to see the demographic data that has interacted with your ads. Use this information to create shoppers and decide whom to contact. Look for a demographic group that interacts more with your posts.

Split test your ads.

Split testing is a great way to improve your relevance score, and it's easy. The split test tests versions of the same ad to determine which version performs better. See the same ad to two different audiences to see which audience is responding well. You can also run two different ads for the same audience and see which ads are better for your audience.

Choose the best performing ad. However, after some time, your ad's relevance may decrease if the audience can no longer see the same ad. In this case, update the ad. Change the image or do another round of split testing to see what works well for your audience.

Use high-quality, relevant ad text and images.

That is self-explanatory. You get more clicks, likes and shares if your ad is well designed. Use images that are relevant to your business and the goals of your ad. Also, make sure you use high-quality images. Blurred photos do not improve your relevance factor! Also, use clear and concise text.

Make sure all your call to action is easy to understand. Let your audience know what to do.

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