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How can I best use Pinterest for my business?

Pinterest is no longer just a social media site where women share product images. It has over 150 million active users, both men and women. Pinterest has a global reach for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small and large businesses.

Pinterest works like a digital message board. You "attach" pictures to "boards" that you create. Each board focuses on a specific topic or topic of your choice, and all the pins on a particular board are classified as that area of ​​interest

How can Pinterest work for your business?

Use the image height

Pinterest automatically scales all the images you upload to a specific width. However, the height is up to you. The images that pop out on Pinterest are the ones that are bigger. Image size plays a big role if your prospect has many different contents to consider. Higher vertical pins perform better on Pinterest than shorter ones.

Show multiple products in one pin

Take a picture with several articles that you offer or sell. This increases the value of a single pin by displaying multiple quotes, products, and services. You have a better chance of attracting and addressing more users by viewing multiple options. There are many free image tools that allow you to create these types of images.

Add text to your pictures

Most pins on Pinterest are just illustrations, photos or pictures. When you insert text over your pictures, they jump off the page. Research has shown that images with a text overlay consistently evoke more engagement than images without text.

Write descriptions

Add descriptions to your images when you upload them to Pinterest. Studies show that images with descriptions of 200 to 300 characters (about 50 words) were best repeated. Include your keyword phrases in your pin descriptions.

Use more bright pictures

Research has shown that images with lighter colors are repeated much more frequently than images with darker colors. Reds and hues are more likely to be repeated than images that are mostly blue. Keep in mind that very dark or very bright pictures on Pinterest will not produce as much engagement as pictures with a modest color scheme.

Do not forget your keywords

Pinterest recommends using 20 to 30 keywords for your advertised pins and Pinterest ads. Add main keywords, related phrases and long-tail keywords and use the suggestion with 20 to 30 words.

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