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How can you make money from social media?

Every sensible entrepreneur should have a social media marketing strategy today. The secret of success is that you can make money from your social media followers.

After all, you're in the business of making money, and not just constantly posting free content.

Use the options of Facebook

With over two billion Facebook users per month, this is the best place to generate revenue from your social media. Your Facebook fan page should show who you are and why it's worth doing business with. You should make the most of Facebook's features, including:

  • The "Like" button
  • Contact button
  • Email Sign In tab
  • Survey
  • Events

Make obvious calls to action, like "Click the" Like "button to keep up with the latest news." or, " Click on "Contact" and we will gladly answer your questions. "

Encourage engagement

Encourage people to like, comment, and share your posts. This will maximize your news about your business and more traffic will most likely mean more money. This is possible in most social networks, not just Facebook.

Apply for your account to win followers

Facebook allows you to promote your profile to get more likes and followers. You can also do this on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other websites.

Increase your best contributions

Check your Facebook Insights and find the content that appeals the most. Then convert it to an ad by improving the post. It should have a link that you can click to find out more. Carefully focus on the audience so that your increased contribution is displayed to those interested in your market.

Produce ads from scratch

Creating a Facebook ad from scratch on Facebook takes a little more time, but gives you more control. You need:

  • A good picture
  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • A fascinating description
  • A URL to which they must be sent to perform an action. B. Subscribe or buy now

Market on YouTube

YouTube is one of the top five websites in the world and the best site for sharing videos. Develop videos with instructions and useful content. Add a call to action to subscribe to your list or buy a product.


Research has shown that 80% of Pinterest users are women and that at least half of them buy products that they see on the website. Setting up a business account on Pinterest instead of a personal account offers a number of benefits. Pinterest provides business owners with analysis, pin buttons, and other helpful business tools.


Instagram is all about pictures and videos. Use hashtags to promote your products. Instagram stories are sent to all your followers, but are only there for a day and then disappear. This is a great way to publish Flash sales and promotions that will help you make quick money.

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