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How I earned $ 1.4 million with AdSense & Facebook

Many people think that arbitrage is no longer relevant … but they are wrong. I'll show you how I made over $ 1.4 million in arbitrage with Facebook and Google AdSense.

There are a few small factors that people forget when trying to succeed with arbitrage. In this article, I'll describe how I can increase AdSense revenue and lower Facebook ad spending, resulting in higher profits and higher ROI.

Facebook ads

If you're not using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your site, you're missing out on a vital vertical of high-quality web traffic that can take your site to the next level. Many people have tried Facebook Ads by creating a standard image and standard targeting ad. However, they do not achieve the expected results.

The key to Facebook ads is the high click-through rate (CTR). In that case, your relevant score will increase, resulting in a lower cost-per-click (CPC). When your CPCs are low, your winnings increase … and that's the key.

So how can you get a higher CTR? Well, knowing your audience is an important piece. In this way, you can target specific demographics and exclude all Facebook users who are unlikely to have clicked on your ad. This lowers your CPC.

Another very important element of your Facebook ad is your text and image. If you use the default image that Facebook selects for you, you will most likely not get results. Ads that stand out more often get more clicks. So the key is to create a very responsive ad with a targeted audience. A great way for me to create high click-through Facebook ads is to use text in the picture. I use Adobe Photoshop, but you can find many free tools that you can do this with. Facebook only allows 20% of the text on a picture and I want to use the maximum amount. Use text colors that contrast with your image and make it burst.

Google AdSense

Increasing your AdSense revenue also helps increase profits. There are some great opportunities that many people do not know.

A great way to increase your AdSense revenue is to review your placement on your website. How many ads do you have over the fold? Do you have ads in high traffic areas? Is your ad matching or matching your page?

Answering these questions can help increase AdSense CTR and CPC. Another important factor is the activation of image and text ads. If you have only one enabled, you'll miss out on potential revenue from advertisers. Many people are turning to their mobile phones for surfing the Internet, and it is your job as webmasters to make your website mobile friendly. Only a mobile friendly website will increase your sales by 15%.

One of the most important aspects of increasing AdSense revenue is increasing your pageviews. The more often someone navigates your site, the greater the likelihood that an ad will be clicked. Keeping users on your site is a very important part of getting around with AdSense. Your pageviews per session should be higher than 3. Each additional page access increases your chances of getting more revenue. So provide a user-friendly website with engaging content that will make you stay longer.

Advertising management system

An advertising management system is a necessary part of this whole equation. Without the AMS system I used, I would not have been able to earn the amount I did. Only if you have a place where you can see every Facebook ad campaign and relate AdSense pages / campaigns can you earn that amount of money. You can do it manually and OK, but if you want to be very successful, you need to use an advertising management system.

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