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How to advertise effectively on Facebook

If you're thinking about Facebook advertising, there are a few basic steps you should take to get your campaign to accomplish the goals that classic post-boosting can not achieve.

The first step is to pinpoint the audience that you want to reach with your campaign. Using Facebook tools, you can create ads that provide the ability to define audiences based on age, gender, interests, locations, and behaviors. After that, a reasonable budget must be provided for the ad to reach the required number of people.

Most important, however, is to determine the goal of your advertising campaigns. Their goals must be simple and the results of the advertising effectiveness evaluation campaign easily measurable.

To simplify campaign management for advertisers, Facebook has set 14 different goals in its authoring tool, Power Editor, which you can reach with your ads. Below I will explain the options available.

1. Click Website

This type of ad will be used for people who have an online landing page where there are facilities for which you want to reach the audiences. One of the reasons for activating this ad may be branding, which makes the desired audience aware of your product or service.

2nd page post commitments

Page post engagements are also often used to shape the image of the brand, but also to increase engagement on the fan pages. The goal of this ad is to show fan pages to specific user groups so that they can perform their respective activity.

3rd page likes

Page likes are used to build a Facebook community or increase the number of fans. They are used in addition to building the brands that make certain users fans of the site.

4. Event responses

Event responses are ideal for Facebook pages that regularly generate Facebook events. The ad can be used by any interested user who is a member of your community or not and anyone outside your Facebook circle of friends to respond to the event.

5. Video views

Facebook video is becoming an increasingly important segment in digital marketing. It can quickly send a message to the target audience interested in your products and services. By displaying video views, the video can be displayed to as many people as possible.

6. Offer claims

If you frequently create short-term promotions and offers for your products, this ad is for you. You can precisely define the quantity you want to offer, while users can download a special code that can be used to get a special price for a particular product.

7. Lead generations

If you use newsletters or other forms of communication that require users to fill in a form with their personal information, I have recommended this type of ad to you. For all users who access Facebook via mobile devices, these ads help fill out the form with the required data.

8. Local awareness

If you'd like your Facebook ad to appear in a location near your business, you should choose the local awareness ad first, so that all users closer to the location are aware of your new small business in the area Be informed of neighborhood.

9. Product catalog sales

For all owners of web shops with a wide range of products, the ideal choice for Facebook advertising is the product catalog sale, where all products of the webshop are displayed according to the user and their interests.

10. Website conversions

Website conversions are used when the user is supposed to take certain actions, such as: For example, registering for your newsletter, completing the contact form or purchasing your product. The ad keeps track of how many actions have been taken, and gives you a detailed overview of your budget.

11. Mobile App Installations

If your company has this mobile app installs app through a mobile app, new users can be found who can download the app to their smartphone.

12. Mobile App Engagements

Mobile app engagement can increase the activity of existing user applications. The application, with information on flight connections and the ability to purchase airline tickets, can offer specific flight tickets to specific users.

13. Desktop App Installations

Similar to the mobile application, desktop app installation occurs only when users download desktop applications.

14. Desktop App Commitments

Desktop App Engagement can increase the activity of existing users of your desktop applications. After all, it's important to know that a single ad can only have one of the goals listed above. Make every effort clear what you want to achieve and hire experts to design your advertising.

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