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How to be a virtual assistant from Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular social marketing tool for business owners, bloggers and affiliate marketers. The problem is that it takes a lot of time. There are many lessons to learn to see pens and to create the perfect pictures that can be captured can be difficult. If you know Pinterest well, you might be interested in becoming a virtual assistant to Pinterest.

There are many bloggers looking for someone who understands the important social media well. They are exactly what they need, but they have to find you. Here's everything you need to know to be a Pinterest virtual assistant and to be found by your target audience.

Set up and manage your own Pinterest profile

At first, do not worry too much about a website. Focus on the social media platform you want to work on. Make sure you know what you are doing by creating the perfect Pinterest profile. This is more than just a few pretty pictures.

Your pins need to convert. They must be updated regularly and you must be part of the group councils. Their descriptions must be good and turn viewers into customers / customers.

You can set up an account other than the current one. However, you will work from scratch. Consider transforming your current profile into a business profile.

Set up your Virtual Assistant Web site

Now it's time to spend some money on a good website for your business. This must match the same branding as your Pinterest profile. It's important that you use the right keywords. This means that you'll find out about the keywords your target audience uses to find someone like you. Use Google AdWords for free to get this information.

Make sure your website meets all legal and professional requirements. These include your home page, info page, terms of service, privacy policy and contact page. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you or find out more about them.

Your website helps to build trust. If you worked with someone who does not have a website, you would question their professionalism, right?

Get your Pinterest Assistant Services clear

There are two ways to sell your Pinterest services: either as an account manager or as an assistant. You want to be a virtual assistant of Pinterest, so you need to clarify this service.

On the Hire Me page of your website, enter the service types you offer. You must do the following:
• Make Canva images (or similar) for Pinterest
• Know how to use automation services like Tailwind.
• Understand group boards and how to find / use them
• Write converting gig descriptions
• Monitor the accounts for comments
• Understand the sharing rules of other people's pins
• Know everything about branding with pens

As a customer service representative, you'll also need to watch the analytics and learn more about profile settings and advertising. If you are not sure about this, do not offer it. Keep to the basic roles of the virtual assistant for the time being.

Market your skills

Now that you've set up your website and Pinterest profile, it's time to start marketing. You can use Pinterest for this purpose, but you want to be where your audience is likely to be. You can search for ideas and help on Facebook, LinkedIn or blogs.

It is important to use a range of marketing techniques. Blog about Pinterest by sharing tips and tricks while calling companies to offer your services as a virtual assistant to Pinterest.

Do not forget to start pinning. You want to make it clear that you know how Pinterest works and are the virtual assistant your target audience needs.

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