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How To Make Fantastic Photos For Instagram As A Digital Marketer

Instagram has become even bigger than Twitter lately. This clearly shows what an amazing opportunity the site is for marketers, especially those who have something very physical to sell.

Nevertheless, you will find that many companies are reluctant to invest a lot of time or money in the website. Why this? Often there is uncertainty about what type of content they should create and what kind of content works well on the site.

How to take great pictures

It often comes down to success on Instagram to know how to take great photos. Instagram is an arty app designed to showcase the beauty of everyday life.

As a business, this means showing the beauty of your product or niche.

To do that, you need to think about the composition of your photos and how a photo might tell a story.

How can a photo tell a story? An example could be to show an empty wine glass with a lipstick on the edge and a fire that is just blurred burning in the background. Maybe your feet are in a door. This tells the story of a romantic night that has just ended and that leaves people free to imagine the details of the night.

Similarly, a photo of a fitness kit lying on the floor next to a protein shaker suggests a workout. Maybe there are headphones and maybe muddy sneakers that show it was a run in the rain. The caption could be so similar & # 39; No excuses & # 39; from which we can conclude that we should still train on rainy days.

If you sell trainers or a wine brand, these images are far more effective than just showing the products themselves – because they put your product in context and show the lifestyle.

Show the lifestyle

When you sell a product, you are always selling a "value proposition". In other words, you are selling the lifestyle or enhancement that your product promises. They do not sell fat-free yogurt … They sell abs!

Understanding this distinction is very important for marketing, as it should be the value proposition that really excites your audience – not the product itself.

Likewise, people like to see images that evoke a kind of emotional response.

Think about it and start making your recordings in a more interesting way that is more insightful than treacherous. Then you will find more appeal on Instagram.

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