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How to miss his ex on Facebook – 3 tips to win him back

Getting through a breakup can be the most traumatic thing, especially if the person who is now your ex and you have fallen deeply in love with each other. One of the most common causes of crashes today is infidelity. However, some other reasons can also lead to the breakup of people. Such reasons include violence, a tormenting friend / girlfriend, extreme jealousy that makes the other person uncomfortable, and so many other negative reasons that may make the other person unattractive. In this article, I will not go into the causes of disconnections, but I'll give you tips on how to get your ex to miss you on Facebook, where most exes spy on each other to see each other Person after the separation goes.

1. Avoid posting messages that indicate you are miserable

This is the number one mistake most people make after a breakup. It's okay to post what you want, because it's your wall, but when you say, "Without you, I die, or I'm terrible without you," tell the other person clearly that nothing in your life is without it it works, which is very unattractive. Talk about things that are not aimed at your ex. If you do, your ex will be surprised if you still think about them. If you are worried about forgetting them, try to find out for yourself what is going on in your life. Maybe they even call to check you, which in this case is a win for you!

2. Let them see that you have fun without them

The main reason a relationship does not last long today is that couples stay together most of the time and do things together. This repetition lets boredom arise. The & # 39; Missed the other person & # 39; Part is gone and if that part is gone, you may think your boyfriend or girlfriend is boring. The decision to publish a picture of you with tear-filled eyes and a downcast face that is something like "I'm so bored, I can not wait for this day to pass" is a clear indication that you are without yours Ex are unhappy. The idea here is how to make your ex miss on Facebook and not how to save you from boredom. Engage in activities that you love. Go hiking, shopping or swimming with your friends and have fun! Publish all the photos with a big smile on your face, even if you feel like crying deep in your heart and see how your ex will react. You'll make him / her jealous of who you're hanging out with, and maybe get him / her to step out sooner or later with the fear of losing you to someone else.

3. Look fabulous

When was the last time you looked the best? Probably the day you get to know each other! This is the time to look beautiful. Buy new clothes and update your look. Look stunning, if you're considering posting a picture of yourself on Facebook, your ex will spend hours chewing on it as he / she sees people completing your beauty and reminding them of what they miss. Looking sloppy will not make you feel like you, but getting fit and looking good is a sure bet! This is a particularly important part of learning how to make your ex miss you on Facebook.

However, not all relationships are meant. Do not clash if things do not go the way you want them to. Be positive. Do what you can to make your ex miss you, but if they do not see it or do not care, it may be time to move on. There are so many good men and women who appreciate who you are and treat you the way you deserve! Keep looking, you never know who you will meet tomorrow!

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