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How to use Instagram to build your corporate brand

3 Ways to a Brand-Centered Social Media Strategy

Instagram has quickly become a dominant force in social media and you'll be surprised how effective it can be for your businesss.

A brand-centric social media strategy is a great idea before you start a social promotion. Not only will you save time and money if you have a following, but building this followership will also be much easier.

Branding with social media can actually reach a significant audience, but you have to give users a righteous reason to follow it.

This results from understanding the value of your current brand and correctly translating it into an account that your ideal users are looking for and want to follow.

With Instagram you have enormous brand potential. If you have not already done so, you need to define your brand correctly. Take a look at our contribution to defining your brand if you get stuck.

Now let's look at what you need to do to properly build your corporate brand on Instagram:

1. Your profile

On your profile page, you should start your business branding on Instagram.

You can use your logo or a headshot depending on your company branding. I always recommend using your professional headshot if you are the face of your company and using a logo if you are a larger company, such as the Adidas profile shown here.

Then you have 150 characters in the description field to tell people what you are doing. Use this area to make a clear and convincing statement. If a hashtag defines your company, you can paste it here (or if there are several).

If you ever have a promotion with a relevant hashtag, you can update your profile accordingly.

You then have 1 option for a link. If you're just starting Instagram, you should probably make it your home page. Ideally, you can use this link to click on a landing page for your free giveaway so you can also use this section to create lists.

Next time you have a new promotion, you want to share the link and guide users through it.

2. Your contributions

Consistency is the key and not just in your booking plan. You need to have a common theme for all your images, and this theme will provide your followers with a window to what you provide.

This is not the platform on which you can advertise spam. Their followers want to get to know a store brand on Instagram by seeing who is behind the brand, not their ads.

If you say so, be sure to flaunt your products, especially if you have something new to offer. Pop-up advertorials but not easy.

Instagram is a great place to showcase your company's community. If you have an office birthday party, post some pictures or a short video.

If you have a day when coworkers bring their dogs to work, have your followers see what happens.

When you publish all of this, remember who your main audience is and who can actually become a customer. Target your posts to this parent topic.

If necessary, you can redirect users to a link by posting the following: "Follow the link in our biography for more information." Use the text section that accompanies each post.

3. your competition

Your competition is a great way to find new followers who are already interested in your activities. You can also get a good idea of ​​which hashtags are effective in your industry.

If you're already using Instagram, you've seen competitors constantly watching each other on this platform.

Once you like or follow a particular brand, you'll see that your account is followed by another brand within a few minutes, which is related to the brand you just followed.

There are companies that literally do this only as a whole business model.

Attention: Stay away from companies that promise to increase the number of followers. The volume may seem like a good look to a business, but these types of services only invalidate your brand and your account by leading them to irrelevant followers who post spam comments.

Follow your competitors yourself and comment on their posts with real insights.

This is a genuine and straightforward way to not only build your brand and find new people, but also put you in the position where your users are with their own account.

Take a look at which posts make your competitors better on likes and true comments, and tailor your own strategy to reflect their success.

A good way to get started is to find out which hashtag really defines your business. Understand that Instagram has a community for specific businesses, and you want to become part of the community that is relevant to your industry.

It can be difficult to get started, but it can be harder to sustain. A dead brand on Instagram sends bad news to users. 75% of users consult social media before buying. You risk a lot if done wrong or not done.

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