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How to use Pinterest to expand your mix of social media marketing

The advent of social media since 2006 has significantly changed the way people connect and communicate with each other. Part of the appeal of this medium is the visual and interactive ability to share ideas, images and interests in real time with others and to learn more from people around the world for whom we would not have had a chance to meet in a different way.

The newest player in this arena is Pinterest. Although more than a year ago, people just jump on board. It covers all age groups, educational levels and socioeconomic levels, so your prospects are most likely already there. On this social media site, you can create topic-based forums where you can pin pictures of things that interest you. For example, you might want to create a forum for travel and vacation, then pin pictures of the places you visit or hope to visit in the future. You can then start talking to your target audience on these virtual bulletin boards.

The first thing you want to do is to complete your profile on Pinterest. It's important that your board's visitors know who you are and what you do about the pictures you pin. For example, fixing food images for someone in the kitchen or in another food-related niche is much more relevant than for someone involved in online marketing. On the other hand, pictures of books can be attractive to others, no matter which niche they are. I see this as interests rather than niches, and you are referring to people on a more natural and basic level.

The possibilities to direct traffic to your blog, your websites and your affiliate links are endless with this website. Make sure you have a strategy that makes sense for your business. Just as you would not provide a clickable link to every single thing that you talk about in your blog, on other social networking sites, and in your daily life, you do not have to do this on Pinterest. Instead, select some images that you want to link to your links, and think of this as a way to get a deeper connection to your followers. This works very well. I learned a long time ago to find out where the desired traffic is going, and then to stand in front of the line to get your share.

Remember that you want to connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. The idea is to be present in all these places in order to reach a wider audience and increase your visibility online. Full use of social media leads to a more fulfilling online experience and can also be financially beneficial.

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