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How to use your Facebook

Do you know that social media is a great resource for networking? Not only can you connect with people across the world through social sites, but you can also build your business. As? Let's go over Facebook, one of the most popular social sites,

Facebook is a wonderful place for people who want to build a fan base. You do this by signing up (for free) and creating a corporate page. First go to and click on "Create page" in the upper right corner. In the drop-down menu, you must select a category. They would choose brand or product. Click on the Facebook Terms of Use. Facebook guides you through setting up the process. It's my suggestion that you link to Twitter from your Facebook by selecting the appropriate settings and linking the Facebook page to your Twitter account to save time and allow more places at the same time. Once your Facebook page is set up, it's very important that you write posts.

A screen will appear asking you to select a category from the following list:

  • Local business or place
  • Company, organization or institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, band or public person
  • entertainment
  • Reason or community

Fill in your data.

Once you've selected the category for your business, you can enter the name, address, and phone number. Check the box next to " I agree with the Facebook guidelines "and click" Getting started Msgstr "" "You will see a page asking you to confirm your entries page category and be able to update your chosen category.

You must add a JPEG image. Make sure it's a good photo taken by a professional. It is unacceptable to have no photo. So you are a bot. Please note that FB only allows profile photos with a width of 180 pixels (applies correctly).

Invite your friends, inform your fans, frequently post status updates, and recommend your site to your friends. You can do this under " find friends , "

Upload a picture for your page envelope. It can be a logo, a photo of a business or a photo of a person – whatever makes the most sense for building your brand. The file must be smaller than 4 MB and can be square or vertical. Choose an image that is not square. The maximum size is 180 x 540 pixels and you can try to use all available space for a logo, a photo, and possibly a slogan or descriptive text. There's no need to limit yourself to using a square image just because you're worried about what the thumbnail will look like. Once you've uploaded a photo, use the Edit Thumbnail option to choose a square area of ​​the vertical banner that best suits the thumbnail. Your banner may need to be trimmed to select the top area with the text logo.

Start your page with some "likes" by recruiting your own friends. Begin typing names, and hovering over a person's name highlights them in blue. Click once to review the person and add them to your invitation list. Click " Selected "To see who's on your invitation list, when you're ready to invite, click" Send recommendations , "

You can also " Import contacts "From your mailing list in different email accounts, upload a contact file from an email account Click on" Import contacts You can upload a file (Outlook, Constant Contact are examples) or enter your email credentials so Facebook can access people in your email contacts list. Check the box next to the names you'd like to invite, and you can preview the invitation to see what it looks like. For people who are already on Facebook, a " recommended pages Widget on Facebook while everyone else receives an e-mail Next, here is an example of an e-mail your potential customers will receive:

Your company name invites you to sign up for Facebook. Once you join, you can connect with YOUR PAGE and other people that are important to you and that you know.

Then start writing as soon as you have a few fans.

For status updates, you can either share them for everyone or target them by location or language. Targeting is useful if the page is for a multisite company in different states, especially if there is a contest, event, or update that is specific to a specific city.

To publish a link correctly, click on " shortcut "and paste the URL. Click on" add Once you've "appended" the URL, you'll see that the text and the photo from the page you're linking to are automatically filled in. You can change the title, paste other text into the snippet, and change the Pictures (if there are several possibilities, marked by " Choose a thumbnail "prompt):

This is the best and cleanest way to link to another page. The post looks better and It works better if the link is attached instead of being entered in the status.

Once you have 25 fans on your Facebook page, any administrator on a page can reserve a vanity URL. Go to the Username page, select the page name from the drop-down menu, and enter the desired name. Click on "Check availability". If it is available, you will be asked at a command prompt if you really want to set it [URL] as [Facebook Page] User name? "If so, confirm that you want to block this URL – and remember that once you confirm this, you will not be able to change the URL for a page.

Facebook Insights is a great tool to help you find out when and what kind of content is good. You can track your activity by clicking on " Facebook Insights "in the right sidebar, directly under the Admins tab.

In the Admins section on the right side of the sidebar, click See everything Msgstr "" "A new page with the names of the administrators is displayed In order to make another person an administrator, simply enter their name (this will be displayed in real time) The number of administrators on a page is unlimited Administrators are over keep up-to-date with activities on the site, including comments and posts so your business can interact with its fans via email.

A sidebar of 180 x 540 pixels is impressive and provides a larger "canvas" to convey our message. There is more room for creativity. Clipped logos can be avoided by slightly adjusting the position of the logo in the sidebar.

Once you set up the page, the UI changes if you want to import / suggest. Click on your Facebook page on " Edit page "(top right) then" marketing "Then tell your fans.

In the future, Facebook will definitely play an increasingly important role for companies, especially for small businesses

This article was written by Dr. med. Ronaldo Joyce Knudsen, Ph.D., AICI CIM, a leader in communications, a worldwide published author and initiator of the Home Study Program.

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