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I was blocked on Facebook: an ideal opportunity for individualization

In everyday life, we are often confronted with situations that we consider "bad" or at least not optimal. It can be difficult to identify a positive value from these scenarios, especially if there is a significant emotional impact. You might be wondering, "What do you get out of it if you find that I've been blocked by a friend on Facebook?" Although this is a relatively small problem in the totality of things, it can lead to great emotional stress. If someone tells us that there is a "silver lining" in every situation, does this axiom seem banal when we hurt so much?

Carl Jung described a process he called individuation. In a nutshell, it simply means the process in which each of us must be differentiated as a separate entity from the rest of the collective psychology that exists around us. Instead of identifying ourselves exclusively with the person or mask that we show to the outside world, we learn to reconnect with the unconscious. This should not be seen as an attempt to overcome one's personal psychology and archetypal images, but is a process of reconnecting with the unconscious aspect of our being. We become aware of our personality and the personal fantasies, emotions and feelings that play such a prominent role in our behavior.

When scratching your head, remember that in difficult life situations, we can better understand our strengths and weaknesses. If you are blocked by a friend on Facebook, you have the opportunity to investigate why we are so concerned. What's wrong with being shunned by this friend who hurts so much? How much value was placed on this relationship? Are our feelings reciprocated by this person? Has too much emphasis been placed on friendship when there are opportunities for a variety of meaningful relationships with other people? These are just a few questions you need to ask during a self-analysis to really find out who and what we are. This process is not painless; It is a process of learning about ourselves, including aspects that we would rather not think about. Through this consideration, we can see that we are more than just our fragile ego. If we learn that we do not need to blindly adapt to collective values ​​or our own ego desires, we can become more objective and build quality relationships with others. Individuation is a lifelong process in which we learn about ourselves in order to integrate ourselves more effectively into society.

The process of individuation is continuous. There is no end, as we are constantly encountering a variety of problems and situations in our lives. The goal is not to become perfect, but to have a functional relationship to the self. This is a continuous learning process in which we can participate every day. While it can be painful to be blocked on Facebook, it can also lead to a better self-image.

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