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My big stupid traffic tragedy – why Facebook advertising is not the magic pill it's about to become

True story –

I had a very difficult entry into marketing because I listened to all the online hype about Facebook advertising and its magic.

In fact, my first campaign was a complete catastrophe for a paying customer.

So here's what happened –

I was contacted by a local advertising agency who was carrying out this project for a vocational school desperately looking for more applications for next year.

They wanted me to do the online campaign while taking care of the offline stuff.

I was a totally crazy newbie, and of all the stupid mistakes I made in this campaign, the one I thought of was the one that cost me the most time …

I did not do enough market research

As many newcomers think, I thought then that enough traffic can solve every problem and that everyone is on Facebook, so you can never make a mistake with Facebook ads.

Boy, did I get a cold punch in the face of reality?

I tested so many thoughts and perspectives in this campaign (some of them are really good) to finally understand that I'm on the wrong track 1000 miles because …

The prospects are not even on Facebook!

Can you understand how humiliated and stupid I was, that I did not understand that earlier ?!

There's an easy way that Facebook ads (or any other social media marketing) will not fit your audience because they're not on Facebook – you see ?!

I have been drinking the Facebook Guru Help again and again without understanding what REALLY is going on. There is no single template in marketing – for each niche / campaign / product should be scientifically tested regardless of the opinion of others

Had I known what I've learned since then, I would have tried other sources of traffic, and so this ties in with virtually every business –

Facebook ads are not a magic customer base, and traffic is rarely the problem

I mean, why are you limiting yourself to just one medium today?

It's a bit like your stock portfolio – you want to diversify it (at least in the early stages), pick the winners and eliminate the losers after you've seen what works.

And that's the risk of counting on marketing that depends only on a medium, let alone a guy who calls himself a digital marketer and uses Facebook ads regardless of your niche or audience.

Understand that marketing strategy and fundamentals exceed all tactics

The first thing your marketing should focus on when looking for advertising media is:

Where is my market?

Where does my audience meet?

If your audience is retired, it does not make much sense to advertise on Facebook. Is there advertising?

Sounds easy, but you would not believe how many "online marketing gurus" are not paying attention to these important things.

Only after weighing the relevant options you should consider which traffic sources should be tested.

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