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Pinterest Business Tips: 8 Simple Steps to Mastering Your Niche on Pinterest

Pinterest for business?

You get some great Pinterest business tips. In addition, you will get to know some unique features of Pinterest. These qualities have created an amazing environment that supports and strengthens small businesses. They have made Pinterest the world's fastest growing social network. How can a group of image collections help your business? You'll understand how it works right away. When you truly grasp the power at your fingertips, Pinterest and those 8 steps will make you want to step into your niche!

Why Pinterest?

That's a fair question. It's one that needs to be asked to capture a complete appreciation of Pinterest. A recent study by 3M Corporation has shown that people process visual elements 66% faster than text. Ever heard the term "Eye Candy"? Pinterest seduces us with a feast for the eyes. Nice pictures of a life we ​​want. Images of glamorous, clever, humorous or simple products or services to improve our lives grab us and suck us in. The proof is in the statistics.

The flow of traffic from social media sites to the fronts of online stores has changed in the past year. In a study of a fashion website, the researchers investigated where the traffic came from. They also looked at how much revenue was generated by each location. The analysis found that the average traffic of Facebook visitors to this site caused $ 85 in consumer spending. Would you like to guess the average spend of Pinterest users? It was 180 dollars !!

Last year, Facebook was considered the "the" site to promote your business. From 09/2011 to 02/2012, however, the number of unique users on Pinterest increased by 866%. People are attracted to more visual websites, like a moth to a flame. The better we understand how people process information and how it affects spending habits, the more companies will recognize the value of Pinterest. Pinterest was the fastest growing website that has ever reached more than 10 million users. Advertisers are starting to take this page a bit more seriously to "kill time."

What does a typical American Pinterest user look like? About 86% are women. That is enough to awaken the impulses of the entrepreneurs. Those who are REALLY excited already know that women have an impact on how 85% of the US dollar is spent. In addition, between 70 and 75% of users have a university education. The higher the education, the more stable the income and the higher the disposable income. Half of the US Pinterest users had an annual income of more than $ 50,000. More than half of Pinterest users have children. Most live in the Midwest. There. Most users of this website are suitable for this woman. What now?

What did you wait for? 88% of users who pinned on Pinterest bought an article they pinned. In addition, 49% of users purchased 5 or more products that they pinned or pinned.

Obviously, "she" takes the stuck seriously. She does not just like what she sees. She buys what she likes. Retailers like The Gap have recognized the potential early on. The Gap makes beautiful pictures of women wearing clothes and puts them on her Pinterest board. With a viewer, it hits a string. She likes what she sees. She is stuck. She goes to the website of The Gap. She buys. Take a look at The Gap's Pinterest page and see how the traffic leads to HUGE gains.

Pinterest Business Tips: 8 Simple Steps to Mastering Your Niche on Pinterest

1.) Open a Pinterest Business Account. A business can have a virtual storefront. Images of hot, trendy products will make people spit. On Pinterest, companies can even specify the product price for the attached article. It's not difficult to set up your site.

2.) PLAN your layout. Their pages are called boards. On each board are the pins / visuals. Think about how to organize your business on these boards. There is nothing much more frustrating than disorganizing in a store or virtual shop front!

3.) Create a board and start to pin. Pinterest has made it easier to move pins from one board to another if you do not like the placement. (This is upsetting any reason for your boards!)

4.) Share pins on Facebook and Twitter. Use your entire social network!

5.) Optimize your Pinterest website with SEO as soon as you are able.

6.) Add a "pin it" button to your website.

7.) Use high quality pens. Search for photos that are more appealing. Wearable product sells better when shown on a person and not just on a surface. Use smiling models. Generic photos without a face, however, can often identify the "buyer" with the product. Books were written and updated about the psychology of the sale. It is a valuable investment of time to explore this.

8.) Use visual calls to action. When you sell swimming pools, you can not only capture the installation process, but also families who enjoy the pool on a summer afternoon. They DO NOT sell a container of water. They sell family fun, family bonding and a social network that includes friends. Do not overlook the pictures that are being sold.

Are you a service provider instead of a product supplier?

You ask, "How do I use Pinterest to sell a service?" Well, it works the same way. This is the best Pinterest business tip you should remember: it's all about driving traffic. From where? Back to the "home base".

Here are some examples. Let's take a look at the Pinterest page of Denver's Rocky Mountain Vitality Massage. Massage is one of the things that many like, but which are also very important. This is a thoughtful, simple Pinterest board. This Pinterest board was also chosen because every organization has challenges to master. The legitimate spa and massage industry is no different. By using graphics properly, these challenges can be beneficial.

Here is the good at her side: So potential customers know what to expect. They demonstrate the facade from the outside and from the inside. It shows a clean place. The visuals convey a relaxing feeling.

But as a business tool you can do much more. In fact, they lack some traffic. There is no limit to the pens. It's a good strategy to keep it simple, but only a few more photos of the rooms would have brought safety to the spectators. Some simple staging techniques to highlight the environment would have come a long way. If you show a customer draping or half-dressed while relaxing, waiting for a massage may have attracted more customers. It would attract people who have different comfort levels. It would also have been helpful to use a Pinterest infographic that shares all the services they provide.

Traffic Generator: You may even have a promotion or coupon attached to generate traffic. It may have been created to direct the traffic of her friends and her friends' friends. For example, you can ask 6 friends to do two things for you and your business: "1.) If your friends" follow "you on Pinterest, 2.) then ask them to go to your website to receive your monthly newsletter When your friends take both steps, you get half a voucher for … X! "You have the idea.

Finally, this Pinterest page is not optimized for Pinterest AND Google users to find their pictures. At least as a suggestion: Include a URL in each of your posts to promote traffic to your site.

Another example of a service: Pinterest board. Keywords should be included on the board and on each pin. How else can you find a board or pins? Think of the words that people use to find you and include them in your pins. Paste URL links into all pins. Have about 200 characters of text with each pin. That usually brings the most repins. Finally, T-A-L-L images are more likely to be pinned again. That's all.

There is so much to learn. It can be overwhelming. Is it worthwhile browsing through this social media site to find a way to use it? ABSOLUTE! Remember, start small, with just a board and a few pins. Soon you will wonder how your company survived without Pinterest!

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