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Pinterest, the social network of images

A US study shows that Pinterest is almost as popular as Twitter.

The study shows that 67% of Internet users in the US have an account on the Facebook network. Surveys show that the second most used social network is Twitter at 16% and Pinterest at 15%.

A strange fact? Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, is also a user of this platform.

Pinterest is the union of two words, pin plus interest, which would be translated as hooking interest. The big difference of this network is that it is 100% visual.

How does Pinterest work?

The goal of Pinterest is to encourage user interaction, but to focus on publishing and republishing photos and videos.

Through this network, users can share their contacts for pictures and recordings, either for themselves or for others. The contacts can be republished, rated or commented on.

The pictures and videos can be accompanied by texts with a maximum of 500 characters.

Pinterest used

Pinterest is a new social network that lets you share images and videos on a kind of pin board. Within Pinterest, the content is divided into several categories: architecture, history, humor, travel and more.

Pinterest climbs positions and many wonder why. We can say that Pinterest has potential for a variety of applications, such as:

  1. For creative teams, the tool provides the opportunity to work together, to create an environment where brainstorming and images can be inspiring and motivating.
  2. To increase awareness of a brand, product or service, Pinterest is ideal for creating price-inclusive catalogs and offering a free online presence. It is also possible to test new ideas and test how many users rate a new product.
  3. For gourmets Pinterest offers post-recipes of all kinds, with gradual preparation and pictures of it.
  4. Pinterest offers professional photographers the opportunity to present their portfolio and to find new ideas for compositions.
  5. To plan a social event, you can get ideas and get in touch with people who can help make all the details of the event innovative.
  6. Through Pinterest, travelers can plan trips, add links, photos of places they want to visit, hotels, etc. They can also create complete albums of photos taken during the trip.
  7. With Pinterest, the collector can create a catalog of images of objects or parts that he collects and make them known to the world.

According to the users of the network, the design and user-friendliness of Pinterest has been highlighted, which has promoted its widespread use.

How much does Pinterest cost?

Recently, this network was estimated at $ 7.7 billion. It should be noted that this value is an estimate.

The reasons for this review are:

· The most attractive advertising is the duration users stay on the platform. We've seen that each user stays in place for an average of 89 minutes, which with an average of 20 minutes is much more time on the other networks (such as Twitter).

· The visual impact it has on its users due to its attractive user interface.

Traffic statistics show that Pinterest is currently the preferred social network, especially for future brides, fashion lovers, food and the arts. The board also finds many travel, home organizing, books and gifts or favorite products.

The big difference is that this network is 100% visual. And the success is that it is visual, organized and yet you can promote and / or share links.

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