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Social Media and the US Presidential campaign

Social media has been a very effective tool in many areas of life. From pastime to the promotion of a business, it has permeated all the cracks and gaps of our lives. Some of the most common areas in which this tool has taken control are:

• Make friends with anyone and everyone in every corner of the world – social networking
• Acquire your expertise across various professional networking sites, forums and blogs
• Awareness and awareness of your business, product, brand, thing or organization through blogs, fan pages, tweets, etc.
• Start online campaigns for a social, promotional, or business purpose.

You can continue with this list as there are so many applications of this wonderful technological sensation. To give this aspect an exciting touch, well-known public figures and high-ranking politicians use the potential of this tool for their specific purposes.

The hot and the happening

People are always very curious about the privacy of their superheroes, stars and leaders. Each latest update from them will be days full of news for them. They will chew the germ and turn it so far that the original with the gossip last made seems too far away. Now let's take a look at the hot and great people in social media.

US politics and social media

Barrack Obama had already used the Facebook Fanpage tool for his election campaign in the past election season. From now on his page has 25,529,565 likes and there are discussions going on there all the time. Both his supporters and the hate party regularly follow his tweets to keep track of his daily movements. He also has his own profiles on Instagram and the latest sensation – Pinterest.

There was much speculation about the credibility of Barrack Obama's Pinterest profile, since there were no pins, no boards since its inception. Suddenly, there was a big pandemonium on the internet, saying that his Pinterest account was hacked by a user. This has blackened the security and privacy policies of the social media site and caused a stir. A bulletin board that was completely irrelevant had suddenly appeared in the profile of the US commander-in-chief, unmasking the hacker.

It is not just Obama who has a lot to do on the internet, his competitors are also very active. Their campaigning strategies are developing a lot around these networks, which have a large number of followers. In addition, it helps them connect with the crowd in person rather than with the old campaigning methods.

Take a look at these statistics to see who is on social media

• Barrack Obama – Current US President – Active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. New at Pinterest.
• Mitt Romney – In the current presidential race – Active on Facebook, Twitter. There is a fake Mitt Romney account on Pinterest. His wife has joined Pinterest and seems quite active in it.
• Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich – In the current presidential race – are on the lines of Romney.
• Sarah Palin – Popular American Politician Governor of Alaska – Active on Facebook, Twitter.

This will give us an indication of the extent to which the rulers of the nation rely on social media. Teenage icons like Justin Beiber, Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and many others from different walks of life seem to be very present in social media.

People love news, news of any kind. And social media is the best way to keep up-to-date with everything that's going on. Are you interested in this sensational internet tool? If not, you are sure to lose on this one, massive network.

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