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Social Meida Guide: What is Pinterest?

In today's world, social media has taken over! With a variety of different websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Google+, there are only a few people in the world who are not addressing the new trend. It seems everyone is always looking for the latest and hottest social media phenomenon. And if you found this article, you have found the new phenomenon! It's called Pinterest. But what is Pinterest and who is it for? Let's take a look at who, what, when, why and how from Pinterest to familiarize you with the latest social media trends.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, the latest social phenomena that hit the masses, is a sharing platform where you "pin" pictures to your board. You can create photo categories, pin your pictures, and share them with other people on the picture sharing website. In addition to attaching pictures, you can also attach videos, exchange gifts, and join discussion groups.

When would you use pinterest?

Initially, Pinterest was a kind of scrapbooking site where users could post and share pictures of their family, their pets or their vacation. As such, it was seen more as a recreational or hobby website. However, as the platform began to grow, users recognized the potential that actually contained them. With new features, individuals now use Pinterest for a variety of things such as wedding planning, interior decoration and even marketing.

Who uses Pinterest?

After asking the questions "What is Pinterest?" Having answered and "When would you use Pinterest?", We answer the question "Who uses Pinterest?" The answer to this question is simple – everyone and everyone. As mentioned earlier, Pinterest was initially a platform for everyday users who wanted to organize their pictures and share them with the world. Since then, entrepreneurs have begun to realize the potential of the platform and are now using it to market their products and spread their brand messages.

Why use Pinterest?

There are several reasons why you could use Pinterest:

  • Share photos with family and friends
  • Sharing Information – Many people use Pinterest to publish their recipes and ideas or to showcase their talents through photos.
  • Gathering inspiration – individuals from around the world use Pinterest to showcase their best ideas. Whether you're looking for wedding ideas, cake ideas, decorating ideas or other forms of inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to find them.
  • To promote a business – Pinterest can be a great way to share your products with the world. Post your product images or use Pinterest to showcase your talents. In fact, use it to create a visual brand personality for your business. Let people fall in love with you, who you are and what you do.

Now that you know what Pinterest is, who uses it, and why you would use it, there is one last question that you need to answer:

How do you use Pinterest?

It's easy! Just visit the Pinterest website to learn how to set up an account. Then follow "MagneticSilvia" on Pinterest and enjoy the ride.

What is Pinterest? This is the latest social media trend that allows account holders to share images and browse the bulletin boards. Who uses Pinterest? Everyone! Why use Pinterest? For personal interest or to promote a business. How do you use Pinterest? Visit my website for more information!

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