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Test your Facebook Ads – Why it's a must

Split testing is an important aspect of optimizing Facebook ads. However, since not all ad targets support split testing, this is a bit unfortunate. Maybe Facebook will allow split tests for all campaign goals in the future. Right now, here's a list of targets that support split testing:

To reach
App installed
video Views
Lead generation
catalog sales

If you are interested in using this feature and want to know if your time and money are worth it, read this short article to find out some of its benefits:

Maybe you ask yourself now: What is split testing?

Well, it's a feature that lets you test your ad's performance against a single variable or set of variables and determine which version of your ad performs best. So you can disable those that are not being delivered and keep or even accelerate the one or the two that will deliver the best results (Best ROI to be exact)

The variables may include gender, age, location, interest, and even specific dates and times to display your ad in the newsfeed.

1. You do not have to guess what works and what does not

With this feature of Facebook Ads, you can remove all items from your list that are not working for your ads. After a few tests, you know exactly what works and what works for your target group and what does not. This will definitely help you save time in the future by using the elements that are again proven errors. But you're also one step closer to creating the perfect, up-converting ad for your business.

2. Your results are not a stroke of luck

Some people are lucky with their first ad. But they are rare and far in between. If you depend on luck, you will not get very far. Advertising means that you have to spend money to reach people. If you depend on luck, you are throwing money into the wind. With split testing, you can pinpoint what made your ad successful. You can say with certainty that these elements are the reason for the success of your ad, and you can reuse the same elements in your future campaigns.

3. It's worth an investment

Split tests allow you to spend money in advance. However, if you find a successful campaign, you can easily get back the money you paid for these failed ads. All you have to do is have a detailed plan in mind and at least have an idea of ​​what types of elements you want to test. There are an infinite number of elements and combinations for each ad, so you need to narrow your choices from the start and not spend too much money. This is the clever way to do split tests, keep track of a theory or a goal, and prove that theory is right (or wrong).

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