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The 6 Pinterest metrics you need to see

If your business has adopted Pinterest as a marketing tool, it's important to first look at the metrics in Pinterest Analytics. They will show you how effective you are in the social network. You want to know that the time you spend there will produce valuable results and not only will you spend a lot of time on your daily routine.

You can determine which type of content is most beneficial to your business because it's the one most likely to be accepted by your target audience. That way, you can also see how many followers are in your account.

Are you ready to see your own Pinterest analysis? First, you need to check your website. You can do this by uploading an HTML file from Pinterest or by adding a Pinterest meta tag to your website. This will allow Pinterest to see if your site and users can see your full URL in your profile, and it will also appear in the search results.

Once your site has been reviewed, you can access the analytics using the settings drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of your account page. The setup is similar to Google Analytics. You can view data from the previous day, the last week or even two weeks before.

There are four main tabs in the Analytics Dashboard: Site Metrics, Latest, Most Repeated, and Most Recently Clicked. You can easily export each record into an Excel spreadsheet to get a better overview.

Here are the six metrics that are most valuable to your business:

Pins created by your website

With this metric you can see how many pins are created on average per day from your own website. If you know how many pins are created on your website, you can imagine if the visual content of your website is "pin-ready". If you do not see many pins, it's time to spend more time creating better visual content. It may also be helpful to place the "Pin It" button near your pictures.

Repins from your website

Repins are a great way to reach even more people with your content. If someone has pinned a picture from your site, it will appear in their pin feed. This means that their followers see it and possibly write it back on their own boards, putting it before their followers. This multiplies the number of people seeing and repeating your visual content. If you look at this metric, you'll see the number of pins on your site pinned by other users.

Calculate your reach

Your reach on Pinterest indicates the average number of people seeing your pins every day. That way, you can see how effective your content is once it's pinned and re-pinned. You can determine your reach using the Impressions and Reach graph.

Visitors to your website

Pinterest has proven to be a great gateway through which people can land on your website. It drives a lot of traffic every day. If you look at the number of clicks and visitors, you will see how many people have visited your website via your PIN. This will give you a better idea of ​​which pins are causing more traffic than others.

Most newly pinned content

If you want to see many repetitions, you need to create images that require more engagement. The more impressive the picture, the more often it is pinned. If you know the most frequently pinned images, you can see what type of content you should post on your website.

Mostly clicked content

If you look at the most frequently viewed content, you'll see how much traffic gets to your site through Pinterest. Knowing which pins are of greater interest and attracting more traffic to your site will help you know which images are working best, and this can help you generate revenue.

Stay up to date with your Pinterest analysis? What advantages do you see from Pinterest for your company?

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