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Use Facebook ads to promote CPA offers

Are you a CPA partner and still having problems and wondering how many other CPA partners earn commissions? I'll show you how to advertise CPA offers with Facebook ads. I pointed out some of the big and common issues that most CPA members have when it comes to converting what they're promoting, what they have not done, or who probably do not know how to do it.

* Advertising for non-trendy or non-converting offers

* Amateur marketing or bad marketing

* No e-mail list will be created

* Not enough traffic or targeted traffic to create your list

* I do not do e-mail marketing

This post will show you one of the secrets of my conversions and show you what most CPA partners do to convert … Read on.

Traffic is the main problem that most online marketers complain about. This method, which I'll explain below, gets you traffic, but at a price … ===== Traffic to the landing pages on your CPA offer is equivalent to conversions.

Prerequisites are: * Facebook profile

Facebook Profile

* Facebook Fan Page

How To Use Facebook Fanpage To Promo PA Offers

* Facebook ads (paid ads)

Use Facebook ads to promote CPA offers

* Compress page

Create an e-mail list using a squeeze page

To dissolve you need a functional Facebook profile. Then you'll need to create a Facebook fan page specifically for the CPA offer. I call this method (FACEBOOK WEALTH FORMULA) one of the following The methods I use myself to earn more on CPA offerings, including my CPA students. Next, create a squeeze page with an autoresponder sign-up form that captures people's email address and forwards it to the CPA offers that you promote, then converts to commissions E-mail address to (send offers by e-mail). The simplest and most recommended CPA deals you can promote are email submissions that cost between $ 1- $ 8 per email submission, depending on the CPA network you work with.

After completing your squeeze page, set up a Facebook ad for $ 5 a day for USA, UK, CANADA, etc. Ads Contact me to create a video for you or your Facebook ads for you to set up. Now when you get to the destination URL section of the Facebook Ad Manager, add the URL of your squeeze page to this section. Include your CPA bid URL in this section, or Facebook will reject your ads. The process is simple: Send US traffic to your squeeze page through the Facebook ads, collect their emails, and redirect them to the final landing page. That means the landing page of the CPA offer is EASY!

You earn commissions while you sleep. To make money online, you need to promote what really works and do it right. That's all …

This method, which I have explained above, can be used every day. With this method you get two benefits: (CREATING YOUR EMAIL LIST AND CONVERTING CPA OFFERS TO COMMISSIONS) with little money you spend on Facebook ads.

You will start e-mail marketing from the emails you have collected so far. This is the direct traffic to all offers for which you advertise. If you can apply this method correctly, I can assure you that you will be charging commissions later this week. What are you waiting for? I want to hear your testimonials.

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