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Use Facebook to optimize year-end fundraising

Let's find out what the main reasons for social media works are and how you can use them to your advantage.

Reinvent the social image

People who are actively involved in social media have reinvented the concept of social media. Now you can recreate your whole life and personality on Facebook. Supporting one thing is one of the noble acts, and people in social media want others to see how they commit themselves to charity. In particular, the use of Facebook to host / promote your own fundraiser is considered both positive and trendy.

If you include your audience in social media, your advertising will be translated at the speed of light and disseminated on the Internet. People want to see how they promote you, they want to be part of your story. And they want their family and friends to know about it.

Setup example

One of the reasons why Facebook is the best platform to initiate your campaign is to actively engage yourself in sourcing and supporting a variety of concerns. Facebook was responsible for paving the way for social fundraising. They promote and host their own fundraising to make it the most sought-after fundraising environment.

A recent study by Artez Interactive revealed that peer-to-peer campaigns, which rely heavily on people's interaction, can generate a significant amount of donations from Facebook itself.

It's best to understand the benefits of marketing that Facebook can provide. It is inexpensive and effective at the same time. Examine how other organizations have used the social platform to make the most of it.

Increase the acceptance of online transactions

With secure online transactions, online customers find it convenient and appealing to donate online. This not only facilitates accessibility but also reduces paperwork for charity. As online commerce increases, nonprofit organizations have a better chance of getting people to donate. From marketing to collecting donations, everyone can be managed online.

How to use Facebook for your charitable purpose:


Realizing that peer-to-peer marketing has power, many nonprofit organizations understand why Facebook is a great platform for this kind of advertising. Try to use Facebook advertising by spending some money to improve your contribution.

·Find target group

You can create a custom audience list for your campaign on Facebook. So try to exclude the email list of your current backers, then reverse them and exclude them from this list. You can also upload your email list and use Facebook's Lookalike Audience Targeting to create a Lookalike Audience.

·Optimization for other devices

With an already optimized mobile interface and users accessing Facebook several times a day, you need your content

·Online posts

Post as often as you can on Facebook to increase your visibility. Timing is the key, as there are many other contents that you have to face. To maximize your reach, try to create more versions of your call to action.

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