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What's better for building your small business: Pinterest or Instagram?

Find out which platform your ideal users prefer and how they can determine if it's right for growing your business

The visual aggregator platforms for social media marketing are limited to the two big companies: Instagram and Pinterest, which are owned by Facebook.

Both have their own way of presenting images and allowing users to compile images that they like, but they also have limitations that can lead your ideal users to the other option.

Growing your Instagram business is a great idea, but you should not forget about Pinterest.

The main attraction of Instagram is that the pictures should be unique and even honest. Overly good corporate mailings are rare and users do not want traditional advertising methods to be used.

With Pinterest, users can curate images from anywhere online and on the platform.

The pictures are often very polished and professional. Traditional advertising methods such as tutorials and DIY posts are also used much more often on this platform.

Demography plays a big role in your decision. Is your product or service more suitable for women?

Then Pinterest is just right for you. Recent statistics show within Pinterest user demographics that over 70% of Pinterest users are women.

Pinterest also draws on a slightly older, domestic population.

What about services that are better promoted through discussion? Are you a speaker who wants to give a recent speech and talk about your expertise?

This makes you an ideal candidate for using Instagram to promote your small business.

Remember that this audience is a fair split between men and women and Western and international users. You like to see photos and videos of your activities or sales in action and you want to include the poster in the comment section, if possible.

The best Instagram business accounts show your core brand identity.

Do you want to sell items through a post that links to the page of your website with this product or service?

Instagram only allows a location from which a user can click through. With IG you get a link to your profile biography. With Pinterest, on the other hand, you can create a link to the actual post, just like a traditional ad.

The big difference is how you want to start your customer experience.

If they start with you at the brand level and you plan to use the entire account for the first step in your conversion, Instagram is great. For everything where the user starts with the actual post level, Pinterest is better for you.

It's something you can plan if you have not already done so.

Look at your ideal customer while you define it and evaluate the demographic information in your analysis. If you trade with women locally and even nationally and sell a product, Pinterest is obviously the best option.

If your online marketing is about building a brand that's based on your expertise and location, and gender is not that important, you'll be better off on Instagram.

If you can not pin down what would serve you better, you can always try both!

It's great to create content that works with both platforms and manage both profiles.

If you choose to use both, a good rule of thumb is: Pinterest for pictures of what you offer, and Instagram for pictures of you making those pictures.

If you create a top 10 list with a refreshed image, you can also use it on Instagram, but you'll get a lot of videos and pictures of you who create the image associated with that list, and publish them on Instagram!

Once you find better traction, you can focus on it.

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for many companies, but if your business is your brand and you strengthen your online reputation, Instagram is a better option.

Vary your content, but remember that users following you do so for a reason, so as not to deviate from your core brand identity.

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