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Who owns a Facebook group or a Facebook forum?

As more online engagement takes place and even the "older people" come in droves to Facebook; Currently, the highest growth of the social media giant is recorded in over 55-year-olds. There is more and more engagement. And that's exactly what these portals are about. Let's face it, engagement sure beats the old "I had a nice dinner" post.

I start with Facebook groups, and I do not mention a business that disguises the group as a marketing prospect for their business because they can add as many people as they want (that's a whole other discussion), I speak of legitimate groups , founded by people who generally target a community, sport or hobby, followed by like-minded people. I have set up and manage a number of Facebook groups myself. BUT I "blame" or delete any content. It is not my place for it. It's also not a place for admins. Facebook owns the room, not the administrator.

I hear the weird troll's complaints in these groups, and the same applies from time to time to corporate pages. Most of you know my opinion about deleting corporate site posts (short, never!), But to delete posts in a group is just rude. The administrator does not reserve the right to play Internet police, this is the job of Facebook. The Facebook Group is by nature an OPEN forum where people can discuss and get involved in whatever they want. OK, now I can hear some admins of these groups getting upset, well people, if the group is not the place for their content, they'll leave soon, since their activity will not work. So, if someone in a community group wants to try and sell an old bookshelf, that's exactly what it's for. It may not have been your intention in the beginning, but that was called progress. If you, as an administrator, want to control the storage space, pay for it or own it. Facebook is not this room, you do not pay a cent, have no control. His Facebooks.

If you want a controlled environment where people do not advertise their old bookshelves and cars, start a forum on your site. Simple, you can control it as often as you like, after all, it's yours. They manage the site, set the conditions for the users, and pay for them to be there. So you have the right to do what you want with this online section. After all, your website and users can decide if they want to be part of it or not. Easy.

But just to interact again, the Facebook space is not owned by the user, and the content is also not owned by the user. In short, do not blame the Facebook posts, but the social media, not the private media. And yes, some people abuse it to a great extent, but people, that's life. We have it in the offline world, so why not in the online world?

In short, if you do not own it, you can not control it.

And remember "sticks and stones"

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