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Why you should choose a website via Facebook to market your business

For many companies, social media marketing seems to be an ideal option compared to a website, both in terms of costs and administration. Recent Facebook reports show that there are over forty million small business websites, demonstrating massive adoption of the platform in business marketing. As a marketer, you must ask yourself if this is the direction for future business marketing. As a business owner, the growth of the social media platform raises the question of whether you really need a website. We owe this to the sophisticated platforms like Facebook, which make it easier, more reliable and cheaper to reach customers. The urge to make your site obsolete may even be too tempting, especially as you compare the ease with building relationships between customers across the two platforms. However, the disadvantages of using Facebook marketing alone outweigh the benefits in the long term. To further illustrate this, there are reasons why choosing a company website on Facebook is a smart move.

On a website, you can control your brand, while on a Facebook page you have the ability to customize and brand your brand according to the interests of your customers. While an organization may upload a background photo on this page, which may be the brand logo, information about the company remains limited. A user may not be able to access valuable information directly from a Facebook business page, while a website may provide a wealth of useful information.

In addition, a website can be optimized by including phrases and words that potential customers are likely to use in search engines. This is a factor that has to be highly regarded, as being on search engines is a crucial factor in marketing a business.

Competition rates on social media should also discourage companies from using the platform for marketing purposes. A typical Facebook user increases the number of friends and pages they like each year by a significant percentage. This means that the content displayed in the user's newsfeed continues to grow, while the time it takes for the user to display all this information is likely to remain constant. Therefore, these users do not have to deal with specific jobs, and this becomes a competitive field for companies, where everyone has to struggle to keep their jobs relevant. In addition, as different customers have different needs, it becomes almost impossible to be relevant to all customers who use a similar post. On the other hand, an organization's website offers the user's full attention, while the information it provides covers a wider range of applications, making it suitable for different users at the same time.

Overall, the management of business marketing on Facebook is becoming increasingly difficult due to the gradual increase in competition. While in a website, the competition decreases steadily over time as a company learns to handle search terms, the competition increases. Once this mess is overcome, a company establishes itself, unlike Facebook, where the race for stability is endless and the platform is therefore less coveted.

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